Friday, 16 September 2011

My 1st love- Chanel Teint Pur Mat.........

This product is I suppose why I became a make up artist. (in a round about way). Other kids would do without lunch for as long as it took so that they could buy a bag/some shoes/whatever they fancied. Not me........I would save up and buy make up and this was the 1st product that really changed my life and made me want to know more.
My skin was not terrible as a young teenager but to go from having flawless skin to a few spots- using too astringent products and then creating a "sensitive" monster I became obsessed with foundations, concealers and bases. Leichner foundation was such a huge trend within my peer group it was a thick, creamy, theatrical foundation that ironically only suited those with perfect skin. So I discovered myself that lightweight water-based foundations worked so much better for me and this was my holy grail- I used to wear shade "Beige Sable" #30 I think. All of a sudden my skin went from "troubled" to perfect over night and that was me hooked and a life long love affair started with Chanel.
I have looked after my skin scrupulously since my late teens and I know how to control/work with the sensitivity of my skin, but I will never forget the way that this little bottle changed my life and gave me more confidence- this was priceless.
As a make up artist my trademark is flawless skin, I don't advocate that make up should be a mask (like the Leichner base) but if it makes you feel good about yourself then I think that can only be a good thing but.....................don't just reach for a heavier base if there is a recurring skin problem, look at your skincare and see if there is anything that needs to be/can be changed there.
Chanel teint pur mat- I thank you (along with The Smiths) for making those early teenage years bearable :) - see over dramatic still 26 years later tee hee.