Thursday, 22 August 2013

E salon- the results. Very impressed!

The after care and stain guard & remover

Mixing the dye

So I followed my personalised instructions to the letter, I sectioned my hair into 4 sections, applied the colour evenly from root to tip, waited 15 minutes.
Added water to what was left of the dye to create a shine enhancing rinse. I washed my hair with the shampoo and conditioner and waited for my hair to dry.

The colour is perfect a rich neutral very dark brown. It covered my lighter ends to create a unified shade, I have some grey strands, they were covered completely. I found it very easy and will definitely use again as there is a polished/ pro-finish to the colour that is definitely lacking in traditional *boxed* hair dyes
End results 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Home Hair colour Vs Salon and E salon- custom home colour. Part 1

I like the natural colour of my hair and after some attempts to change it as a teen my hair has been pretty much the same colour for the last 23 years- Taurean = creature of habit/boring/knows what suits me :)

I have used semi permanent *glossing* colours on and off for years just to add shine, but now I do have a smattering of grey hairs , so it is a hair colour with gloss and coverage I like. I did for about  1 year I did go a little lighter than my natural colour as I am aware when you have very dark hair you can end up looking a little like a *blow dried crow*, but I missed the depth of my natural colour, so very dark brown my hair is (again).

I have home died and also been to salons and both have pros & cons and my biggest bugbear about the salon is....if it is very busy the colour can end up being left on for too long (this has happened more than once to me) so a dark brown semi permanent turns out practically black and definitely does not fade in the same way. A great colourist is a gifted artisan that will be highly skilled and understand colour in relation to skintone/what will *pop* your eye colour and literally *create* a bespoke colour that is perfect for you.

I will add that if you are going for a dramatic colour change (unless you are a hairdresser yourself) go to a salon initially and go to someone who *loves* colour or specializes in it.

Over the years I have bought lots of different types of *shop bought* semi permanent colours, and have even bought ones when I was in the US so that I could try other options. There has always been something lacking from brand to brand- some the colour was great but the formulation a little drying or the formulation was lovely and the colour *too warm/red* despite the fact it was meant to be a *neutral*.

So I have purchased online from the US: the next generation of *home dyes*

E- Salon
I saw the buzz about e salon a Los Angeles based company that custom blends colour & level of staying power to your specific requirements and they also sends you exact details on how to apply the colour to achieve the results/finish that you want. The website is easy to navigate and it is easy to gauge the shades available and you can (on an interactive image) where you can even change the eye colour and skin tone to match your own colouring. I answered all of the question, chose my colour, sent 2 pictures and filled in more information about the finish I wanted.

:I purchased:
A custom colour (there was an offer of another being mixed up at the same time and sent free)- it also came with the kit (including gloves, stain barrier, stain remover (for skin), sachet of shampoo and after conditioner.

I also ordered as added items which are all multi use opposed to be used once only: the mixing bowl with brush/digital timer/clips & a bottle of aftercare tint to neutralize red tones.

Including postage from the US everything came to around £27.00

I was given a date of the 21st August for the arrival of my items (but it arrived some 6 days earlier) and in total I waited about 2 weeks for the package.

After I placed my order I received an email with video tutorials on how to apply my colour to get a pro finish.

And this is what arrived:

A box containing all of the items beautifully packaged and a personalised instruction kit even the bottles of colour tell me exactly what they have included as *my blend* personalised for me and the shade I chose was: Dark brown (ash) 4.71

Ok- so far I am very impressed with the service and I literally can't wait to try the colour out.

The next post about E Salon will be the results and I will be completely honest.

If you want to have a look for yourself it is:

I am not affiliated, it was not a gift, it just seemed like a brilliant concept and a HUGE step up from the normal home colour options.

Friday, 16 August 2013

A Bronze smokey eye for Daily Candy- some of my work.

Recently when I was in New York I did some tutorials for Daily Candy using Pixi and the 1st video has gone *live*. I had to prep the base add a little fresh colour to cheeks and eyes off camera and then do the eye make up for the tutorial.  The Daily Candy team are amazing but it is ALWAYS vile seeing and *hearing* yourself. But hey :) the look is so simple and literally takes under 2 minutes.

For the base I used:Flawless & poreless primer, Illuminate tint & conceal and on the cheeks and lips Succulent lip twin in Coral.

It was a heatwave and we were under lots of hot lights with no air conditioning (for the sound), me=hot mess alert :)

Friday, 9 August 2013

Review- Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara- LOVE IT!

Bobbi Brown everything Mascara- 5ml £19.00

I have a Sephora points card and I was offered a *gift* as I had x amount of points and out of the selection of products offered I took this mascara. I have never tried Bobbi Brown mascara before and I am always on the look out for the next big thing mascara-wise. I honestly did not have particularly high hopes as it is a very unassuming tube with no hyperbole and the razzmatazz that normally goes with the *outrageous* claims or fancy schmancy brush, none of that actually, just a bloody good mascara that actually lengthens, thickens and does not smudge.

What they say:
An everyday essential for lashes. Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara has an innovative, all-in-one formula that lengthens, thickens, and defines-without smearing, smudging or clumping. With special conditioning and strengthening ingredients for beautiful, luscious lashes. Now in a new tube to match all of Bobbi's mascaras in your makeup bag.

Note:I personally like a mascara with a slightly thicker formula I find if a mascara is too *liquid* it takes a long time to dry and can *smudge* very easily.


  • A rich textured mascara 
  • It does lengthen and thicken simultaneously and with one coat it defines the lashes
  • It has superb staying power with no *fall out*
  • Is easy to remove & lashes do not feel dry afterwards
  • I do love an old school cornrow/spoolie brush that is well tapered and the brush captures all of the lashes
  • I have been wearing this in very hot/humid conditions and it has not smudged once.
  • Build-able so with 2 coats lashes look very thick and lush
  • No irritation


  • Currently only available in 1 shade
  • For someone looking for an *ultra black*  this is a little softer

I will definitely purchase this as it is a great *quality* mascara with impressive results.

*A GWP from Sephora USA- but that would never influence my judgement.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hair Hero- Ecru New York!

In my session work I have been a fan of Ecru for a long time, for really *deconstructed styling* hair that looks absolutely beautiful with a *natural* texture I have been using some favourites from Ecru.
Alexander Vlahos for Volt Mag with exactly that *Ecru* textured hair.
I used the Ecru Acacia Protein oil sparingly to separate the hair and add a little sheen, then to give a little *hold* I used the Sunlight holding spray (this brushes out so easily and leaves no residue) which is ideal when in 1 shoot you have to change the hair.

These have become my go-to products of late for *weightless* styling as they are so layerable.

Acacia Protein oil
Sunlight Holding Spray
Another product that I have been using of late is the Sea clean shampoo, I have been using it once a week to deep cleanse my scalp as my hair has definitely been a little more prone to oily roots during the heat, I have been using the Philip Kingsley No scent shampoo as my regular product and keeping my hair scrupulously clean without drying the hair out and irritating my scalp.

I see that the Sunlight holding spray is sold on lookfantastic, I am hoping that they will start to stock more products so I don't have to wait for trips to NY  to stock up.