Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Behind the scenes shoot/Fashion film with Alexander Vlahos for Volt Mag.

Shot courtesy of Will Wood- Multitude Media
I am so looking forward to seeing the final shots and the film, I won't reveal too much but Alex looks incredible. There was a particular flat used as 1 of the locations and honestly- I did not want to leave it was so gorgeous.
I did hair/grooming & Andrea Vecchiato is behind the camera.



Sad and disappointed.

depressed - dejected - despondent - downcast - dispirited

Wow! Google images for crestfallen and you certainly see a hodge podge of images- some predictably angst ridden with gothic undertones, scroll down some really not suitable for work!?!? Billy Corgan from the smashing pumpkins and quite literally the most beautiful picture of Keira Knightley (random) I have ever seen and of course the below picture of the crestfallen elf.
Image from:
I am wordy by nature an my obsession with *colour* shades, hues etc etc is equally matched with a love of language and words and I love using words that really pinpoint exactly what you want to say with such accuracy and for me the word crestfallen explains perfectly when hopes and dreams evaporate in front of your eyes, the wind goes out of your sails and your get up and go literally *deserts you*. It can happen professionally: not getting the job of your dreams, being passed over for a promotion, always being overlooked and undervalued. Personally....well affairs of the heart definitely, being treated unfairly, taken advantage of all of these things and so much more.

Oh yes,I have been there so many times, in the running for a job (dropped at the last minute), jobs cancelled, overlooked and treated like a douche- still can happen! All I can say is that things have a very strange way of working out and you never know but something far better and more worthy may be just around the corner and if it is a guy or girl treating you in a way that makes you feel crestfallen- simply, they are not worth it.

May the force be with you!

Beautiful shot of Keira Knightley- unsure of photographer but from LA Times article.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Picture heavy post from the last few weeks.

Terminal 5.
Toronto- view from hotel room
Rainbow over the harbour
Downtown Toronto
Obsessed with this Autumn Winter shade *Dahlia* available August 
Downtown LA
Yes,I do like to be the weirdo *on foot* in LA
Skyline-New York
Vegan/Raw food Candle 79 NYC, even if you are not Vegan/Veggie please do try, it is OUTSTANDING!
That's a view! NY
Greenery NY
This was my son's favoured present from my trip
The very reason why it is so great to get home (where the heart is).

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer believe the hype.....!

I have sensitive skin (ridiculously so) and a sensitive scalp (figures) the point where if I have an allergy my scalp gets red, itchy, flakey and in the worst case scabby kind of things, I am sure there is a technical term for this. I cannot use a lot of off the shelf highly perfumed products (although of course I LOVE it when my hair smells gorgeous).

So, my hairdresser friend Natalie Shirlaw who owns the most incredible salon in Kent, it is a converted barn in the most beautiful setting. Natalie is an amazing Session stylist but also sees private clients in her salon, when she was looking for a range to use on the backwash and also to *sell* she tried so many brands and kept coming back to PK because of the quality and the results, so PK it was.

On a recent shoot (admittedly I have not had my hair cut for well over 6 months) so the ends are looking a little crispy, actually more than a little crispy down right shredded wheat-y, she gave me a travel set of PK the No Scent, No Colour shampoo & conditioner with an elasticizer.
No Scent No Colour Jet Set- Natalie 's retail £19.99
 The elasticizer is a pre-wash treatment and you normally leave it for 20 mins (Natalie does a steam treatment at her salon with this and it sounds like bliss), 1stly it is not greasy, it washes out so easily and definitely helps in leaving the hair softer/smoother/healthier.

The shampoo and conditioner are fantastic for us sensitive skinned souls and the hair again is soft & silky and not leaving you itching like you need to see the nit nurse (if you are too young to remember a trip to the nit nurse) head lice nurse.

No blow drying, no product, just left to dry naturally without doing *anything* to it.

Also- my hair was so smooth, I decided to cut a fringe in with a pair of $3.99 moustache trimming scissors from Rite Aid and you know what......the scissors went through the hair like butter.

But on my return  to the UK I will get a proper trim with Natalie.

Roja Dove Parfums....Damage Parfum & Rose De Mai candle

That's me...a crow! A crow.....crowing with sheer joy!
Because of this.............................................
I received a gift of: Danger Parfum & a Rose De Mai Candle.
I did the make up/grooming for a shoot with Roja Dove the perfumer this week, some beautiful portraits and a few shots for an impending launch.

To spend time with Roja was such an honour and to talk about favourite fragrances that no longer exist, I am in total awe of his knowledge and passion. Perfume is his life....! He is literally the most respected *voice* in the world of fragrance and he is the creator of a range of award winning perfumes and candles. He has an equivalent of a perfume *atelier* in Harrods that stocks some of the most amazing fragrances and also he creates bespoke perfumes for private clients.
Roja also creates his own line of parfums and candles and at the end of the shoot he gave me: Danger and a Rose De Mai candle as a gift.

The fragrance is literally intoxicating and it is such a beautiful thing to smell it on a scarf or a coat from the day before. I have had compliments as it is a fragrance that when people lean in close and they can they smell it which is kind of how it is when you are a make up artist essentially.

Danger is a little sweet, has great depth and is definitely sexy but is so beautifully blended that it is never too obvious. It contains some of my all time favourite ingredients in a composition with a rich, deep, dark base with a floral exquisite heart and a zesty citrus top note :

Top Note: Bergamot,Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin, Verbena
Heart: Gardenia, Jasmine de Grasse, Rose De Mai, Violet, Ylang Ylang
Base note: Vanilla , Patchouli, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Musk

I could wax lyrical about the fragrance but it would literally not do it justice, may I make a bold suggestion and the next time that you are either in Harrods or in a purveyor (doesn't feel right calling it a common or garden shop :)  of very fine merchandise such as:  Roja's parfums please do go and have a little test, it is incredible.

Rose de Mai candle- I am yet to burn this- but what I do know is that...............Rose De Mai is so precious a rose that it ispurported to be the earthly the scent of angels. It is a delicate pink rose that is particular to Grasse in the South of France. I am keeping the candle until it feels like the right time to light it, until then I will gaze adoringly at it :)