Friday, 29 July 2011

Meet Ice bat and Dave- and more musings from my 6 year old son.

Ice Bat and Dave are 2 very special members of the family they are both from New York (on 2 separate trips) Yep- my son definitely treads on the slightly more macabre side of life.

Another little nugget from his royal 6-ness:
I was caught by him looking at and advert that had a beautiful young, super skinny brunette model in it.
He took one look at me and said "If you lost weight, you could look like that" hmmmmmmmmm talk about a back handed compliment :)
Nice- Girl very pretty and literally young enough to be my daughter (If I had started breeding earlier in life)- a little flattered.
Not Nice- Obviously I am NOT a size 6/8 model (clearly) and neither will I ever be............. why you little so and so.

Weddings- Alex - Inspiration

 Chatham Docks

A dear friend of mine is getting married tomorrow EEK- I can't believe that it is here. I am doing her make up, so I will post to show how it goes.

We are taking inspiration from the gorgeous Dianna Agron's red carpet looks

Can't wait!!!

Weddings- Marianna

This is Marianna and her Mum, I am doing her wedding make up on the 6th August at Stoke Park. I am not a Wedding make up artist per se, but there are weddings that I do the make up for because I want to be involved. It is such an intimate thing and I love the feedback and just the general great spirits on the day. I am always mindful that you are playing a part in making someone's "Wedding"- no pressure :) I will post some pictures of the actual Wedding day. I know Marianna will look amazing!

Also I work quite frequently with the award winning photographer Julie Kim and if I am contacted through her, I know that it will be some stunning photos.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Skincare - Rodial

I have super sensitive skin, it is the plague of my life, so when I find something that works I tend to stick with it and in general I keep to very uncomplicated skincare that is not too "active" . I bought some Rodial for my Mum as I thought it would be great for her to layer up those unguents (she is a layer-er) as I bought quite a few things from a 1 off sale on the website Vent Privee (like a Brand Alley) I bought extra and I ended up trying it for myself. With great trepidation envisaging that I was going to have a severe allergy, I tried the Glam tox serum and the day cream and I am so glad that I did, they are fantastic!!! I can't say that they are nature's alternative to botox and neither do I care, they are just the most amazing hydrating and soothing duo, I am so impressed and shocked, I expected to hate it! Now the question I love it enough to pay full price.........hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Musings from my 6 year old son

My son has the "sonar" hearing of a bat, so if there was ever anything we did not want him to pick up on, we would S-P-E-L-L it out like a dog and the V-E-T unfortunately he can spell, so that's that.
Somehow he heard the word "Bint" for an older lady.
He knows older ladies like "Vintage" so........................................
With much cackling he coined "Bintage" a chip off the old block no?

A Simple "Red lip".

Chanel- amazing bone structure

When you think of red lips sometimes you can think of really strong/intense completely unwearable for every day, totally Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love coterie. Not so.......a red lip can be easy to wear and looks amazing with a tiny hint of "Rouge" worked into the apples of the cheeks too for "balance". Top tips to not go toooooooooooo Aunt Sally, trace down straight from the iris this will lead you to the "apples of the cheeks" and just work a little into the apples.
I used Pixi Succulent Lip Twin in Poppy Red- a great universal pillar box red for lips and cheeks.

A soft Bronze "look"

This model is the gorgeous Eirini and the look, is the perfect soft bronze with a little bit of smoke on the eye. The skin base is sheer and flawless with the main focus being the eyes and a little juicy lustre on the lips.
Perfect for summer or to add "warmth" and prolong a tan.

This Works Energy Bank..........

If you want to get all mystical and zodiacal ( is that even a word ??? :) I am a Taurean and by nature that means I am a lazy git. But somehow my life has turned into a full on work-fest- next life definitely returning as a cat. Add into the equation a child and living in the sticks- Ely (Cambridgeshire) that means sod all lie ins and LOTS of Early starts and late finishes. So I am perpetually Le Tired. So, I have turned to this Mother's little helper and it is amazing for blasting the cobwebs. It is uplifting without being too "Zesty" as it contains: Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli, it  leaves the skin soft and supple, so much so if you are feeling dare I say it "Lazy" you can forego body moisturiser- what can I say- old habits and what not.

Lou Lou and Big Whiskers

I read an article that outraged me- quite easy these days in my advancing years ;)! It was about how scientists believe that the cat's parasites can cause brain tumours in humans............................I am not sure which people of science have discovered these findings, but think about this.........all sounds like a serious case of "Dog" propaganda to me. Scientists, probably a group of Golden Retrievers in Lab coats.

Bulgari Jasmin Noir

I am very difficult to buy a fragrance for as I generally prefer more unusual and hard to get hold of fragrances (Get me)- but I am just being honest- I am a terrible fragrance snob. This particular fragrance was a present and I have to say, I do actually love it! It is a soft Jasmin with a little almost an ambery base note, it is soft and does not smell synthetic at all. It is quite delicately sensual without being overpowering.
Let's face it summer has been a bit of a wash out so I have worn it on the colder days- it is a definite Autumn/Winter fragrance.
Thanks Dad xx

Red Nails- Ooh La la!

I normally favour dark nail colours- shades which are varients on black- Midnight blue, Black pearl, Darkest |Aubergine. But I just felt like a little touch of vibrancy. This is such a beautiful shade a true "vintage red" that suits any skin tone  and I just love it!
It is from POP £6

This is me....................................................

I am a make up artist that personally favours the no make up make up..................hmmmmmmmmm a waste of time???? To me not at all. I am 39 and want to have just a fresh and natural look with a little definition on the eyes.
Hair: Just get up and go hair- Hair is definitely not my "thing" so just shiny and in decent condition will doodle do me :)

 Pixi Flawless & poreless primer,
Chanel Vitalumiere #30,
Concealer: Rodial
Cheeks: Too Faced Papa don't Preach
Eyes: Diorshow Mascara
Chanel- Water based shadow in #40
Lips: Pixi Berry Lip Balm

This look takes under 5 minutes.

I know, I know not the most inspirational look, but this is just my every day go-to look.

I promise there will be more "colour in the next "looks".