Friday, 29 July 2011

Meet Ice bat and Dave- and more musings from my 6 year old son.

Ice Bat and Dave are 2 very special members of the family they are both from New York (on 2 separate trips) Yep- my son definitely treads on the slightly more macabre side of life.

Another little nugget from his royal 6-ness:
I was caught by him looking at and advert that had a beautiful young, super skinny brunette model in it.
He took one look at me and said "If you lost weight, you could look like that" hmmmmmmmmm talk about a back handed compliment :)
Nice- Girl very pretty and literally young enough to be my daughter (If I had started breeding earlier in life)- a little flattered.
Not Nice- Obviously I am NOT a size 6/8 model (clearly) and neither will I ever be............. why you little so and so.