Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The colour purple..................... lilac.

Purple is a colour that is made up of a mixture of red and blue, at its most vibrant and rich it is a colour that has very royal and deeply spiritual connotations. A beautiful sumptuous colour but make up-wise not for everyone, one of my favourite shades that suit all colourings is that beautiful pastel shade of lilac. A timeless shade that can be so soft and enduring

Such a beautiful and oh-so-flattering colour.
The scent of lilac is perfect for early summer and the Diptyque * Lilas* is so true and fresh.
Lilac make up in such a flattering *look* a light colourwash of lilac across the lids, 2 coats of black mascara, a soft lilac lip and minimal colour on the cheeks. Fresh and very pretty. To make it that little edgier accompany the shadow with a little 60's inspired liner- like the Francoise Hardy flick (see the previous post) about liner.
Christian Dior- Garden roses- The ultimate palette of lilac based shades from barely there to the perfect purple liner to complement  the look.
Bella Pierre- loose shadow in *lavender* is the most easy to use single shadow for a flattering colourwash.
Laura Mercier lip gloss- in shade Lilac is just so fabulous to add a little of delicate colour to the lips.

Mac Full-of-Joy blush is the perfect barely there lilac shade