Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Summer Solstice.

The word solstice derives from Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still).
For  everyone interested the best place to be is Stonehenge watching the sunrise tomorrow morning.
Stonehenge at it's most beautiful.
 Wishing you peace, love and happiness xxx

Monday, 18 June 2012

Clive Christian 1872 for Women perfume review......

I like so many different fragrances and I have been quite fickle over the years with my signature scents and once you outgrow a scent because it is so synonymous with a period of time in your life because that is *no longer you*, then the fragrance feels almost inapropriate if you have a little spritz for old times's sake.

Clive Christian 1872
I was given this fragrance as a gift from a student it was beautifully presented in signature Clive Christian tissue and bag. It was a complete shock to receive this and I was sincerely hoping that I would not dislike it, I should not have worried as it is literally *divine*

It has a floral centre of Rose de Mai, jasmine, purple violet and osmanthus and is balanced with tangerine and blueberry over a base of moss and patchouli. So it is floral, fresh and actually very complex.
Little *geek fact* Rose de Mai known as the Painter’s Rose, is so rare it blooms for just three weeks each year and so pure it is often associated with the presence of an angel. 
Smells like Teen spirit??  No way!

Dreary weather mood lifters..................Mimosa.

Appalling, the weather is appalling!  I am having a mini rant and being very English and having a moan about the weather. I am not a summer person per-se Love Spring and Autumn but seriously I am over damp days and dreary skies, the summer solstice is a mere couple of days away. But here is a little suggestion to help you feel a little *brighter*

Mimosa Yellow such a beautiful colour & fragrance ooh and cocktail!
Mimosa.......ah the smell of balmy nights of the South of France, even the colour of this beautiful candle up lifts!
I have a Diptyque addiction as I find the scents of the candles are so *true* and powerfully evocative.

My all time favourite Mimosa fragrance- Mimosa Pour Moi from L'Artisan Parfumeur
Mimosa- Chanel style Ooh la la!

Mimosa Cocktail- 1 part champagne to 1 part citrus juice ooh zesty!
I love this *Mad Men* vintage style interior with a touch of Mimosa.
Walk «To Mimosa Country»
The coast near Cannes has the largest Mimosa forest in Europe, just so beautiful!

Feel better? Thought so xxx

Monday, 11 June 2012

Hint of a all time favourite Tinted Moisturisers.

June, ooh should be tinted moisturiser time, you know...........barely there, sheer, seeing skin through, healthy glow. Well in the UK we have had flooding of Biblical proportions for this time of year.
So maybe you are not feeling the lure of a tinted moisturiser just yet. Well, when you are here is my run down of my favourite skin tints..............................
Best for shade selection: Becca Luminous Skin colour £35 12 shades availableThis tinted moisturiser comes in a skintone pleasing 12 shades, spanning the spectrum from palest to darkest skintones, it is very lightweight and gives minimal coverage, has SPF 25, a great barely there tint and a very natural, lightweight finish

Best for Dry skin: Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturiser (Not the oil free version) £27 7 shades available This feels very *comfortable* on drier skins, it is definitely a moisture boost and gives skin a beautiful glow, it evens the skin tone but blends imperceptibly into the skin, looks very healthy- note- shades are not the regular references- light would most definitely be *medium* in other ranges- so shop 1 shade lighter than normal.

Best for Oily/combination skins: Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser-£33 available in 10 shades A gel texture that feels quite *refreshing*, it perfects the skin, evens tone has a great spectrum of shades (including darker tones) and is hydrating without exacerbating oily skin, has an spf of 20 and is matte but does not dry out the skin. Great for anyone with an aversion to shiny skin.
Best skin treating tinted moisturiser- Chantecaille Just Skin - £55- 6 shades This is a very *sumptuous* texture, rich and nourishing, skin feels smooth, evens skin tone and gives skin a beautiful finish, just like your own skin just better, but a little pricey but packed with botanicals a little spf15 action. Shades are quite fair so although 6 shades it definitely is one for light to medium skin tones- and the flush of pocket.
Best with an *illuminating* pigment; Pixi Illuminate tint & conceal- £21.50 Available in 4 shades A nifty little multi tasker, it gives skin a lovely soft focus radiance, has spf20 and even has a matching concealer in the lid, so if you want to create a slightly more matte effect or have more coverage in areas, just pop on a little of the concealer (which has excellent coverage)-great for holiday or the minimalists.
Best *inbetweener* inbetween foundation and tinted moisturiser- Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint £21.00 available in 4 shades.This is the thickest in consistency but it melts into the skin, it has the best coverage out of all and a lovely, smooth, velvety finish. Skin has a healthy glow and is definitely *inbetween* foundation and tinted moisturiser, perfect for those looking for a hybrid of both has spf15 and various vitamins/plant extracts  excellent value.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The colour purple..................... lilac.

Purple is a colour that is made up of a mixture of red and blue, at its most vibrant and rich it is a colour that has very royal and deeply spiritual connotations. A beautiful sumptuous colour but make up-wise not for everyone, one of my favourite shades that suit all colourings is that beautiful pastel shade of lilac. A timeless shade that can be so soft and enduring

Such a beautiful and oh-so-flattering colour.
The scent of lilac is perfect for early summer and the Diptyque * Lilas* is so true and fresh.
Lilac make up in such a flattering *look* a light colourwash of lilac across the lids, 2 coats of black mascara, a soft lilac lip and minimal colour on the cheeks. Fresh and very pretty. To make it that little edgier accompany the shadow with a little 60's inspired liner- like the Francoise Hardy flick (see the previous post) about liner.
Christian Dior- Garden roses- The ultimate palette of lilac based shades from barely there to the perfect purple liner to complement  the look.
Bella Pierre- loose shadow in *lavender* is the most easy to use single shadow for a flattering colourwash.
Laura Mercier lip gloss- in shade Lilac is just so fabulous to add a little of delicate colour to the lips.

Mac Full-of-Joy blush is the perfect barely there lilac shade

Friday, 1 June 2012

Some of my hair and make up work for a shoot.....Max Brown modelling.

Custom blended metallic pigments to give skin a soft lustre, Kiehl's Silk groom for a retro style.
Sophyto skincare to prep skin, Laura Mercier Primer , Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, Make up Forever Pro Kit of concealers shades form No1 kit, Chanel Powder (loose) universelle in shade Natural and NARS bronzer Casino for contouring.
Aha you see inspired by The Outsiders, slick quiff with gel by Little Sprouts to get that smooth effect.

Model- the incredibly talented actor Max Brown signed to: Models 1
Photographer: Andrea Vecchiato

Hair......a fantastic weightless finishing product from Clynol.

Clynol Salon Exclusive Shine Spray
I have been adding to my kit for hair as I have been doing some hair on shoots recently as well as make up, so I have been shopping around for specific products to create certain effects (to always be prepared) and I was looking for a weightless shine spray that smoothed the hair, was weightless and gave an unbelievable shine and this is it. It is amazing, whether you want something for your own hair or for *session hair styling* this has been a revelation.

My own hair, left to dry naturally after washing using Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo and conditioner.

Brushed through with a few spritzes of the shine spray.

It smoothes the hair and imparts a mirror-like sheen with no greasiness or heaviness- fabulous xxx