Monday, 11 June 2012

Hint of a all time favourite Tinted Moisturisers.

June, ooh should be tinted moisturiser time, you know...........barely there, sheer, seeing skin through, healthy glow. Well in the UK we have had flooding of Biblical proportions for this time of year.
So maybe you are not feeling the lure of a tinted moisturiser just yet. Well, when you are here is my run down of my favourite skin tints..............................
Best for shade selection: Becca Luminous Skin colour £35 12 shades availableThis tinted moisturiser comes in a skintone pleasing 12 shades, spanning the spectrum from palest to darkest skintones, it is very lightweight and gives minimal coverage, has SPF 25, a great barely there tint and a very natural, lightweight finish

Best for Dry skin: Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturiser (Not the oil free version) £27 7 shades available This feels very *comfortable* on drier skins, it is definitely a moisture boost and gives skin a beautiful glow, it evens the skin tone but blends imperceptibly into the skin, looks very healthy- note- shades are not the regular references- light would most definitely be *medium* in other ranges- so shop 1 shade lighter than normal.

Best for Oily/combination skins: Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser-£33 available in 10 shades A gel texture that feels quite *refreshing*, it perfects the skin, evens tone has a great spectrum of shades (including darker tones) and is hydrating without exacerbating oily skin, has an spf of 20 and is matte but does not dry out the skin. Great for anyone with an aversion to shiny skin.
Best skin treating tinted moisturiser- Chantecaille Just Skin - £55- 6 shades This is a very *sumptuous* texture, rich and nourishing, skin feels smooth, evens skin tone and gives skin a beautiful finish, just like your own skin just better, but a little pricey but packed with botanicals a little spf15 action. Shades are quite fair so although 6 shades it definitely is one for light to medium skin tones- and the flush of pocket.
Best with an *illuminating* pigment; Pixi Illuminate tint & conceal- £21.50 Available in 4 shades A nifty little multi tasker, it gives skin a lovely soft focus radiance, has spf20 and even has a matching concealer in the lid, so if you want to create a slightly more matte effect or have more coverage in areas, just pop on a little of the concealer (which has excellent coverage)-great for holiday or the minimalists.
Best *inbetweener* inbetween foundation and tinted moisturiser- Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint £21.00 available in 4 shades.This is the thickest in consistency but it melts into the skin, it has the best coverage out of all and a lovely, smooth, velvety finish. Skin has a healthy glow and is definitely *inbetween* foundation and tinted moisturiser, perfect for those looking for a hybrid of both has spf15 and various vitamins/plant extracts  excellent value.