Monday, 18 June 2012

Dreary weather mood lifters..................Mimosa.

Appalling, the weather is appalling!  I am having a mini rant and being very English and having a moan about the weather. I am not a summer person per-se Love Spring and Autumn but seriously I am over damp days and dreary skies, the summer solstice is a mere couple of days away. But here is a little suggestion to help you feel a little *brighter*

Mimosa Yellow such a beautiful colour & fragrance ooh and cocktail!
Mimosa.......ah the smell of balmy nights of the South of France, even the colour of this beautiful candle up lifts!
I have a Diptyque addiction as I find the scents of the candles are so *true* and powerfully evocative.

My all time favourite Mimosa fragrance- Mimosa Pour Moi from L'Artisan Parfumeur
Mimosa- Chanel style Ooh la la!

Mimosa Cocktail- 1 part champagne to 1 part citrus juice ooh zesty!
I love this *Mad Men* vintage style interior with a touch of Mimosa.
Walk «To Mimosa Country»
The coast near Cannes has the largest Mimosa forest in Europe, just so beautiful!

Feel better? Thought so xxx