Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The highlights of Spring Summer 2013 trends from London Fashion Week.

ISSA SS 2013 Statement *hot pink lip*& winged eye

ISSA SS 2013 Statement *juicy red lip* & Winged eye

Holly Fulton SS13 Colour clash lip & boho hair

Holly Fulton SS13 bright lip with artfully dishevelled hair

Pringle of Scotland SS13- sleek, swept hair, bold lip and cats eye liner

Temperley SS13 dewy skin, nude lips and defined liner

Matthew Williamson Resort SS13- Nude skin & lips, contouring and defined line under eyes.
All of these looks are so wearable and there are definitely elements that would work for *everyone*. Lots of fresh skin and no matte finish, minimum blusher, but definite contouring, if you are going to invest in new Spring Summer products to update your make up kit make it a liquid liner and a *Hot Lip* GORGEOUS!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Autumn winter make up trend looks- nude and smokey.

Nude- Autumn winter look
Nude Look:
Think soft, delicate and ethereal, not bland and boring.
Skin is prepped and flawless with a hint of peachy/apricot creme blush on cheeks. Focus on the eyes, with a colourwash across the lids and a little crystal highlighter placed in the inner corner of the eye. 2 coats of mascara. Lips are lined and filled in with pencil then a slick of tinted colour with *treatment* to keep lips soft and supple in a honeyed nude shade complete the look.

Base-Foundation- Dior -Forever- foundation in shade 31
Concealer- Sisley in shade #3
Shadow-Morococo +  Diamonds & Pearls blingtone- myface
Mascara: Mac Plush Lash

Blusher-Becca Creme Blush-Terracotta

Liner- Medium tone/beige shade lip pencil-myface
Colour: Pixi-Tinted Brilliance Balm in shade Baby Bare.

Smokey -Autumn Winter Look

Smokey Look:
Eyes are the focus with defined, sultry smokey-ness. A strong smokey eye can be a little *draining*, to counteract this, add a very sheer hint of bronze across the complexion to add a little warmth and choose a warm terracotta blush but use it very sparingly. Lips can be kept very muted or a little *spiced* up.

Warmed up with a drop of Sisley- Sunglow mixed into the *base*
Foundation-Dior- Forever Shade 31
Concealer- Dior Skinflash #3 (to brighten)

Cheeks: Blusher-NARS powder blush: Liberte

Eye pencil: Use a black pencil on upper lid and on the edge of the lower lid (taken half way across the lower lid) Pencil- Bella Pierre-Black- blend out with cotton bud so there are no *harsh lines*
Shadow: Illamasqua Obsidianacross the lid and taken to the crease of the eye and then blended up gently. Highlighter in the inner corner of the eye: Illamasqua-Slink
Mascara- Mac Plush Lash  

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Get the Look.....Kate Moss Milan fashion week.

Just click through to the article- the link is below, myself and the amazing hairdresser Ben Cooke share with you how to achieve the vintage look Kate Moss wore at Milan Fashion week.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Simple things that make me happy.

Breakfast in Bed
A perfect morning coffee
Being kissed or cuddled by my child (both even better)
The way my son starts the day on 100% percent energy from the moment he opens his eyes
Hearing the purr of your cats (probably because they realise you didn't expire in your sleep and can therefore feed them)
Swapping coat or bag and finding money you did not know you had in a pocket (bonus)
Receiving or observing a random act of kindness from a stranger
Getting food from somewhere like Pret or Eat and being told the coffee is on the house (yay)
Hearing a track you have not heard forever and it meant something to you
Smelling a fragrance on someone that has happy memories for you
My work and the work of other people
Hearing good news and sharing good news
Conversations that can be inane but turn out to be profound
Teaching & learning
Wishes coming true
So much more but this is for starters..............

Hope springs eternal xxx

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Black Jack Mascara review

This was an impulse buy and just for me, not my kit, I was looking for a new mascara just to try and decided to try something with a lower price point. I am so glad I did try it as I have been very impressed with the staying power and the volumising properties of this mascara for a price point of around £6 it is excellent value.

Long lasting and does not *drop*
Thickening and definitely creates *fuller lashes*
Holds the *shape* of lashes all day
Great brush that is tapered to catch even shorter inner lashes
Excellent intense pigment

Meant to have *golden flecks* to me personally they are not noticeable
A rich formulation, so you may have to wipe a tissue over the brush to take off the excess if you have fine lashes.
Lashes feel a little dry after using

So this is not going to become my favourite mascara of all time but..............for £5.99 this is a pretty solid buy for just a great *practical* every day mascara.