Sunday, 9 September 2012

Simple things that make me happy.

Breakfast in Bed
A perfect morning coffee
Being kissed or cuddled by my child (both even better)
The way my son starts the day on 100% percent energy from the moment he opens his eyes
Hearing the purr of your cats (probably because they realise you didn't expire in your sleep and can therefore feed them)
Swapping coat or bag and finding money you did not know you had in a pocket (bonus)
Receiving or observing a random act of kindness from a stranger
Getting food from somewhere like Pret or Eat and being told the coffee is on the house (yay)
Hearing a track you have not heard forever and it meant something to you
Smelling a fragrance on someone that has happy memories for you
My work and the work of other people
Hearing good news and sharing good news
Conversations that can be inane but turn out to be profound
Teaching & learning
Wishes coming true
So much more but this is for starters..............

Hope springs eternal xxx