Monday, 31 December 2012

Nails of the day.....with product recommendations.

OPI- Lincoln Park After Dark- a black cherry shade
This is the kind of colour I normally wear or sometimes a flat grey, true red but definitely not a *pretty colour*, but sometimes I give my nails a rest. Removing the polish, treating the nails and just using a treating clear nail colour.

My kit: Nail varnish remover, oil based scrub, treatment oil, effervescent tablet & nail treatment.

I wash hands/sanitise 1st.
  • Step 1- clean nails- I use the Andrea Fullerton nail varnish remover- very quick and easy to use and gentle on even fragile nails.
  • Step 2- I check nails over/shape/file take away any rough edges.
  • Step 3- I use an effervescent tablet from Opal to soak my nails, this contains tea tree, lemon and bicarbonate of soda, so it deep cleans and whitens nails. I soak for about 5 minutes per hand.
  • Step 4- I exfoliate my hands and take it beyond to the forearm, I love the the sugar scrub from Cake. Rinse and dry.
  • Step 5- Next I apply a little oil to the cuticles, massaging it in fully- this is Trilogy rosehip oil.
  • Step 6-  I use a little touch of clear topcoat with protective qualities this one is OPI.
Because I have hands which can get very dry because of constant cleaning/sanitising before doing make up, they are pretty dry, I  use the L'Occitane Sheer Butter hand cream as it is very effective but non- greasy.
End result: clean, healthy nails, just for a little change.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Review.... Benefit they're Real Mascara.

they're real! mascara
Benefit: they're real £18.50

What they say:

they're real! lengthens, curls, volumises, lifts & separates. Our jet black, long-wearing formula won’t smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had!
What else you need to know:94% saw dramatic length & volume**
90% saw base-to-tip curl**
94% saw visible lift**
100% saw long-wearing results**
  • Loved the brush, it is plastic and the *spikes* have movement so are flexible along the lash line.
  • Like the *ball* on the end of the wand great for intensifying the mascara for a more dramatic look and also catches shorter lashes beautifully.
  • Lengthening
  • Great richly pigmented shade, a deep black
  • Non irritating formulation.

  • Very *wet* formulation, it reminded me of the consistency of the old NARS mascara which was also very *wet*.
  • I found it smudged by the end of the day (over several days) I had not changed my skincare/eye cream.
  • I personally found it lengthening only, I did not find it volumising or curling.
  • As it is quite wet, you have to wait a little if you want to apply more than one coat.
Overview: I persevered with this as I absolutely hated it on my 1st try, I have grown to like it but not LOVE it, I personally would not re-purchase it and neither use it in my kit as I would be concerned about the *smudging*, If you are looking for a very lengthening mascara with a rich pigment, then this could be for you, But I would personally try with: an oil free eye cream and an oil free under eye concealer to minimise the potential for smudging. But I will keep and sanitize the brush to use with a richer/thicker mascara as an experiment as I think the brush is exceptional.

Goodbye 2012 I won't miss you at all !!!!

It has been a mixed bag of a year for me personally with some fantastic times, great jobs, working with some fabulous people doing work that I am really proud of. But it has been a year that has *challenged* me beyond anything I could ever imagine and in some ways it has been the *toughest* year of my life and for that I can't wait to say *Hasta la flipping vista* to 2012. But through the bad times you learn and grow and that I will *take with me* into the next year.
The world was predicted to end (which obv didn't happen, as I type this on the 29th of Dec) but it has been almost like the human race was imploding anyway helped with a swift kick up the derriere by nature. All we have needed were the riders of the apocalypse (or it felt like that) at certain points. There have been so many instances in the news that have driven me to tears/frustration because of senseless violence, carnage, abuse *scandals*, severe, vile and *evil* behavior towards fellow humans.
What a year!!!! Goodbye and close the door on your way out.....!

But.....a huge surprise for me was the source of where some of my favourite moments of the year came from: Sport......this is from the person who lived to avoid Games/PE at ANY costs, I never tried my hardest, never gave it my *best* was always a bit *crap* actually and I suppose the worst thing, was always a little bit proud of being a bit crap ( as it was testimony to my outsider/alternative status).
I like everyone else was gripped by Olympic fever literally from the opening ceremony, the sheer admiration for these people that showed raw talent, dedication, commitment. They weren't *celebrities* in a vacuous and talentless kind of way, these were people that were bonafide *role models* who will inspire a generation of children. The messages from the Olympics & Paralympics were about never giving up,how hard work & talent will prevail over botox, extensions, fake tan and teeth that are so artificially white they can be seen from outer space.  In short it made me proud, emotional and elated in equal measures and long may it last.

Andy Murray too, what a flipping year for him too!!!!

Here are some of my favourite moments so many more could be added:

Goodnight  & Goodbye Patrick Moore, I used to watch him avidly as a child  a very interesting character  who one said "A catless house is a soulless house" :) he became interested in astronomy at the age of 6 and it was his great passion til the day he died at the ripe old age of 89.

On a frivolous and lighter note, 2012 was also the year that I realized that Bruce Springsteen was HOT! Seriously when did that happen???

If you ever get the chance............go to Coworth Park.

Yes little monsters are allowed.
Coworth Park is a place of wonder nestled in the beautiful countryside of the Berkshire/Surrey border. It is in Ascot but very close to Virginia Water and Sunningdale.
It is a 17th century manor house that has been turned into a beautiful boutique hotel with considerable va va voom! Elegant and chic, the original manor house has been transformed into a sumptuous hotel that is incredibly chic but...........children are more than welcome, in fact the little blighters are treated like the most important visitors. The golf buggy that transported us to our room in the Stables really set the tone of our stay as it whizzed round and collected us again in the morning for breakfast.
Few places have the balance so right as somewhere fabulous for the parents and so super cool for the childrenz. As Coworth Park is part of the Dorchester Group the service is incredible, so attentive but never, ever stiff or invasive. We will definitely be back as it was just incredible.

I will post my own photos 1st and then some of the official ones as nobody needs to see pictures of my son bouncing on the bed (in glee) totes lowering the tone. Next time, we will even take Dad ha ha ha!
The beautiful grounds.
The bath in our room (there was a HUGE shower room/wet room  too)
Dave & Pikachu were very settled.
His & Hers :)
The reaction to..........
The best ice cream sundae in history :)

Mitchell and Peach- all important bottles of lotions & potions in the bathroom.

There is an amazing spa, a Kid's club, acres of grounds, an equestrian centre with Polo ponies, bikes to use and so much that we didn't have time to do.

The main entrance
Kid's club room
The spa
Woo hoo!
Afternoon tea Coworth Park style (forget flipping Gangnam).
Anyway, it was literally bliss, so that's it, lottery tickets weekly from now on, if I win I am moving in.....:) Must find out if cats are welcome too :)