Saturday, 29 December 2012

Goodbye 2012 I won't miss you at all !!!!

It has been a mixed bag of a year for me personally with some fantastic times, great jobs, working with some fabulous people doing work that I am really proud of. But it has been a year that has *challenged* me beyond anything I could ever imagine and in some ways it has been the *toughest* year of my life and for that I can't wait to say *Hasta la flipping vista* to 2012. But through the bad times you learn and grow and that I will *take with me* into the next year.
The world was predicted to end (which obv didn't happen, as I type this on the 29th of Dec) but it has been almost like the human race was imploding anyway helped with a swift kick up the derriere by nature. All we have needed were the riders of the apocalypse (or it felt like that) at certain points. There have been so many instances in the news that have driven me to tears/frustration because of senseless violence, carnage, abuse *scandals*, severe, vile and *evil* behavior towards fellow humans.
What a year!!!! Goodbye and close the door on your way out.....!

But.....a huge surprise for me was the source of where some of my favourite moments of the year came from: Sport......this is from the person who lived to avoid Games/PE at ANY costs, I never tried my hardest, never gave it my *best* was always a bit *crap* actually and I suppose the worst thing, was always a little bit proud of being a bit crap ( as it was testimony to my outsider/alternative status).
I like everyone else was gripped by Olympic fever literally from the opening ceremony, the sheer admiration for these people that showed raw talent, dedication, commitment. They weren't *celebrities* in a vacuous and talentless kind of way, these were people that were bonafide *role models* who will inspire a generation of children. The messages from the Olympics & Paralympics were about never giving up,how hard work & talent will prevail over botox, extensions, fake tan and teeth that are so artificially white they can be seen from outer space.  In short it made me proud, emotional and elated in equal measures and long may it last.

Andy Murray too, what a flipping year for him too!!!!

Here are some of my favourite moments so many more could be added:

Goodnight  & Goodbye Patrick Moore, I used to watch him avidly as a child  a very interesting character  who one said "A catless house is a soulless house" :) he became interested in astronomy at the age of 6 and it was his great passion til the day he died at the ripe old age of 89.

On a frivolous and lighter note, 2012 was also the year that I realized that Bruce Springsteen was HOT! Seriously when did that happen???