Monday, 18 June 2012

Clive Christian 1872 for Women perfume review......

I like so many different fragrances and I have been quite fickle over the years with my signature scents and once you outgrow a scent because it is so synonymous with a period of time in your life because that is *no longer you*, then the fragrance feels almost inapropriate if you have a little spritz for old times's sake.

Clive Christian 1872
I was given this fragrance as a gift from a student it was beautifully presented in signature Clive Christian tissue and bag. It was a complete shock to receive this and I was sincerely hoping that I would not dislike it, I should not have worried as it is literally *divine*

It has a floral centre of Rose de Mai, jasmine, purple violet and osmanthus and is balanced with tangerine and blueberry over a base of moss and patchouli. So it is floral, fresh and actually very complex.
Little *geek fact* Rose de Mai known as the Painter’s Rose, is so rare it blooms for just three weeks each year and so pure it is often associated with the presence of an angel. 
Smells like Teen spirit??  No way!