Saturday, 1 June 2013

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer believe the hype.....!

I have sensitive skin (ridiculously so) and a sensitive scalp (figures) the point where if I have an allergy my scalp gets red, itchy, flakey and in the worst case scabby kind of things, I am sure there is a technical term for this. I cannot use a lot of off the shelf highly perfumed products (although of course I LOVE it when my hair smells gorgeous).

So, my hairdresser friend Natalie Shirlaw who owns the most incredible salon in Kent, it is a converted barn in the most beautiful setting. Natalie is an amazing Session stylist but also sees private clients in her salon, when she was looking for a range to use on the backwash and also to *sell* she tried so many brands and kept coming back to PK because of the quality and the results, so PK it was.

On a recent shoot (admittedly I have not had my hair cut for well over 6 months) so the ends are looking a little crispy, actually more than a little crispy down right shredded wheat-y, she gave me a travel set of PK the No Scent, No Colour shampoo & conditioner with an elasticizer.
No Scent No Colour Jet Set- Natalie 's retail £19.99
 The elasticizer is a pre-wash treatment and you normally leave it for 20 mins (Natalie does a steam treatment at her salon with this and it sounds like bliss), 1stly it is not greasy, it washes out so easily and definitely helps in leaving the hair softer/smoother/healthier.

The shampoo and conditioner are fantastic for us sensitive skinned souls and the hair again is soft & silky and not leaving you itching like you need to see the nit nurse (if you are too young to remember a trip to the nit nurse) head lice nurse.

No blow drying, no product, just left to dry naturally without doing *anything* to it.

Also- my hair was so smooth, I decided to cut a fringe in with a pair of $3.99 moustache trimming scissors from Rite Aid and you know what......the scissors went through the hair like butter.

But on my return  to the UK I will get a proper trim with Natalie.