Thursday, 5 April 2012

2 of my favourite things..........cats and coffee...

Lou Lou and the Nespresso coffee pods- look at that face :)
 Another permutation of coffee and cats ;)

These days I am pretty virtuous especially now that I live in the countryside and not Camden.... oh those halycon days of stumbling through the backstreets in bare feet dodging hypodermic needles on the pavement- good times :) but 1 thing I could not relinquish was my love of a decent cup of coffee.
I have a Nespresso machine a relatively new purchase and I am even more tweaky about my coffee than I was. Obviously being just shy of my 40th birthday I am appalled that I still have Hello Kitty cups and have stopped myself from photographing my Moomin cups. I should pretend that we only drink out of divine vintage cups and saucers- but shhhh it is not true.

My top 5 favourite places to have coffee in London are:
Monmouth coffee- for days of being a little highbrow and *Single Estate*- just ignore my lame-o coffee jokes.
Flat White- for a down and dirty amazing espresso
Bar Italia- for a genuine sip of London coffee history
Sketch- for Fancy pants times or when you have just remortgaged the house- ha ha
Bea's of Bloomsbury- The coffee.the cakes.....the cakes the coffee

This is just London and my top 5, there are about another 100 places that I love and then there is outside of London and the rest of the god, you are busy people, so I am keeping it relatively brief- I have favourite coffee places all over the world and am distraught when they close down in between visits- that would be you Tuttini's in Santa Barbara xxx