Tuesday, 17 April 2012

BB cream- Embroylisse......review.

BB creams- done to death- no?  Just like a band that is a little under the radar and then become MASSIVE- Meh!
Well, I have kept my trap-ola shut about BB creams thus far but I thought that I would introduce you to this version.
Embryolisse is a cult French moisturiser, rich nourishing, not the most *natural* of products but a great no nonsense non perfumed, no colour added kind of cream- great for sensitive and acute dryness.
They have launched their version of a BB cream and it is really rather good- it is effectively a tinted moisturiser with a few whistles and bells.
Shade- neutral- transparent so adaptive to your own skin tone
Points of difference: Slightly more *sophisticated* ingredients than the traditional Embryolisse, tinted with mineral pigments, gently light diffusing, high quality SPF 20.

Notes- packed with hyaluronic acid- sounds scary but it is naturally occurring in the skin- this is a humectant that stops the skin from dehydrating and it *blurs* fine lines and temporarily fills in open pores.

Finish- surprisingly a creme to powder kind of finish- slightly velvety and definitely a little matte.

A great multi purpose product that bridges skincare and make up.

Dislikes; Smell- kind of slightly perfumed- not needed in my opinion & I am one of the tweaks that would like a slightly dewy version too- ha ha xxx