Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hair Nirvana.............

Ok, hair long, slight wave, fine texture, scalp sensitive  pretty much always *air dry* hair rather than blow dry. Can get frizzy and knotty, I dye my hair with a vegetable semi permanent about every 3 months to fend off those grey hairs.
I have been mixing up my routine and trying a few different products and some of them I have to say have been amazing and wanted to share..................
1stly- Jo Hansford- I have been using a shampoo and conditioner and I am smitten, the shampoo effectively cleans without over stripping, the every day conditioner is light but nourishing and is quite simply brilliant!!!!  If you want to try decent deluxe sizes before you buy a large size, order from Latest in

Another product which is a flipping great pro quality masque is: Louise Galvin Sacred locks, I am not a fan of the shampoo, it actually irritated my scalp a little but the masque really, really has made a huge difference as a weekly treat to the texture of my hair, I try and stretch out the visit to the sheep shearer :) for a cut for as long as possible and the ends can end up like shredded wheat- yuk! But this has really smoothed the texture and given a great shine.

The best leave in conditioner I have used in forever.............since Kiehl's discontinued their one is.... Rusk Brilliance- Leave in, a fantastic smoother and detangler and does not weigh hair down at all.

Hair Nirvana xxx