Monday, 23 April 2012

Myface Blingtone haul....why I Love....!

A little *Gemstone* action, beautiful polished vivid colours!
The Make up equivalent- guess what?? Beautiful polished vivid colours.
Detail of Blingtone-Limelight- an amazing lustrous effect true colours shot with a mother of pearl effect.

Me- the same tastes as this rather natty magpie

A smokey eye created using: Black ice

Not all sparkly, glittery things are equal and some products with a high shimmer/glimmer content are down right tacky. But...the Blingones would be able to *turn* even the most seasoned matte texture obsessive as these little babies give a flattering, effect on the lid and some of the lighter ones as a general highlighter. I have used these so many times in my kit and just love the effect. To dip your toe in the Blingtone rich water you should try the shade Morococo xxx