Monday, 30 April 2012

Random I know.........but........If you ever get the chance go to Bewilderwood!

Situated in Norfolk (near the Norfolk Broads) lies nestled in trees is............Bewilderwood, an amazing place for children and adults alike. Based on the books and characters of local author Tom Blofield it is an *Adventure Park* with a difference, it centres around good old fashioned fun......clambering up ladders and tootling through the tree tops, zip slides, drop slides, tree houses and a jaunt around the *bogs* in a slow meandering boat. Activities that blow the cobwebs away and give you a little endorphin rush and nothing too hi-tech or scary, just great fun. NB: The food is high quality and not too expensive (great coffee) and in the summer the local ice cream is so delish. If you don't have a kid, borrow one, if you do take them, they'll LOVE it! xxx