Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bronzers- round up and reviews of the best for all skin tones!

More like my personal style, so I know all about *faking it*.
Than this  :)
Soleil Tan- Chanel. The best liquid bronzer, it gives a lustre that is flecked with delicate gold, it warms the complexion with a soft sheen and never looks *done*, mix it with tinted moisturiser or foundation for a minimal effect, or use it *neat* as the perfect bronze embellishment for any look.
Laguna-NARS- The best universal bronzer, quite transparent and just gives a delicate sunkissed look- Holy grail of Bronzers and rightly so, a great mid tone bronze that is imperceptible.
Bronze Goddess- Estee Lauder- fantastic for very fair/fair skins, it just gives a soft, healthy glow and it never looks *false*. It is buildable if you want to create a slightly more bronzed look but always subtle.
Hoola- Benefit- The best olive toned bronzer, it is fantastic for contouring as well and has no *orangey/terracotta* tones- can be used sparingly even on pale skins - but throw out that abomination of a brush :) that comes with it.
Casino-NARS, the best bronzer for deeper skin tones, it will even out the complexion whilst giving a subtle and healthy *warmth*.
Body Glow-NARS- The best instant bronzer for the body, it is temporary, so washes off, it leaves skin with a beautiful lustre and has the divine scent of *Tiare* which is Tahitian Gardenia.