Saturday, 12 May 2012

Eyeko-Curvy Brush Mascara- Review.

Previous incarnation of Eyeko cheap and cheerful.
Wow- Eyeko has grown up, now stocked in Henri Bendel New York
The mascara- definitely a grown up look.
The brush- looks like topiary to me.
Eyeko has definitely been doing a bit of growing up, I remember it when the brand 1st launched and it was is the Barry M/Stargazer demographic, everything was around £5 and I remember reading about it a lot but did not try anything as nothing personally appealed to me. Fast forward about 5 years and it is a very different story, a *wardrobe* of 3 mascaras a £15 price point and being sold in Harvey Nichols in the UK and Henri Bendels in New York, but the question raised is it any good?

The formulation, rich and creamy, well pigmented so coats the lashes with a rich black shade. Thickening with a little lengthening, not too fibrous: so no *fall out* under the eye. Hardwearing and absolutely smudgeproof.
Brush- Well spaced rows ensures a decent application of product, I do find the trio of round shapes a little gimmicky as the brush is ok but I did not honestly find it to be a revelation.

It is a great all round mascara and I will definitely try the other 2 variations, but definitely one for me as a personal use mascara rather than a *must* for my kit.

Thank you Amelie for the gift xxxx