Monday, 7 May 2012

Review..........Liz Earle- Sheer Skin Tint!

Well, well, well! Against all of my initial misgivings about this product, I have to say that I am actually impressed. I am not actually a fan of Liz Earle skin care, I will sound harsh when I say it but, I put Liz Earle skincare in the same class as "Boden" clothing. Safe, reliable, well co-ordinated, not inspiring. I am always happy to be knocked off my black painted soap-box and admit when I have been a little too previous in my condemnation. This is one of those cases, the Sheer skin tint is actually very, very lovely. It is a richer moisturising texture that has a light coverage, it has quite a sumptuous feel but blends in well with fingers. Leaves skin with a *glow* and lasts well. I would personally say that it is ideal for dry/normal and just slightly combination skins, I would use a primer and the Laura Mercier primer would be my recommendation, for a light refreshing texture. It is like a tinted moisturiser with go faster stripes. If you are looking for something that will give slightly perfected, healthy looking skin, this is it, you will still need to use concealer with it. They all have a slightly peachy tone, even the fair so they look a little *warmer* on the skin, spf 15 and added Vitamin E.  Right, so that's me off to buy a *smart* Boden skirt........not really :)

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