Thursday, 12 July 2012

Peachy keen............beautiful peach make up... Summer trend..

A shade that suits all colourings and looks stunning on cheeks and lips.
Juicy, succulent, fresh.........that's peach.
My work- a soft, minimalist peach look on cheeks & Lips
Christine Hendricks- soft peach blusher
Eva Mendes - vibrant peach blusher and peach lips
I am normally not a huge advocate of matchy/matchy make up, I like taking nuances of colour and taking inspiration rather than just using 1 colour as a *story*, but peach is just so flattering, it adds warmth and *lifts* the complexion and here are some of my all-time favourites...........

YSL Rouge Volupte in shade #26 is just so beautiful
Lancome Juicy tube in Peach Nectar.
My favourite peach blusher- Sisley Duo shade Peach
Perfectly peach nails- Chanel Inattendu
Kate Bosworth rocking the perfectly pretty peach cheeks and lips.