Friday, 3 August 2012

Some recent hair care miracle *finds* Paul Mitchell, Kiehl's, Davines & Oribe.

I have started swimming at least twice a week over the last few months and I am obviously concerned about my hair turning into the texture of *Shredded Wheat*. So I have been trying some different products to see what really works and these are my favourites.........they would be great for a beach holiday too. Of course I could wear a swimming cap but I don't and probably won't ever. So what I do, is run a little oil through my hair, put it up in a rough bun and go swimming and it is all about the aftercare for here are my top finds and what has stopped my hair turning into a brillo pad/candy floss/birds nest type barnet.

Best deep cleansing shampoo to remove chlorine:
Paul Mitchell- clarifying shampoo #3 Great for all hair Note: If your hair is very dry try Clarifying #2
This deep cleanses the hair, leaves it chlorine free but does not strip colour and does not leave hair feeling dry and frazzled, I have used clarifying shampoos in the past that were literally as harsh as washing up liquid-YUK! But this is effective but not harsh- great for coloured hair.

Best conditioner to repair hair after swimming:
Kiehl's Sunflower Color Preserving Conditioner; Great for all hair types: Note :Drier hair I would leave on for 5 mins
I like some of Kiehl's hair care (The Amino Acid) for example but did not find it *repairing* enough after swimming, however this conditioner is amazing, it is rich and nourishing but does not weigh the hair down, 2-3 mins is enough for it to work its magic and the smell is just beautiful, leaves hair very soft and shiny and no shredded wheat texture (Yay)!

Best treatment with *styling* properties:
Davines Absolute Beautifying Potion- Great for all hair types. Note: use sparingly
This is a *finishing* oil, 2 drops, rubbed into the palms and then smoothed down the length of the hair, gives a smooth, frizz-free and very lustrous finish, I don't blow dry my hair but you could use it on damp hair pre-blow dry or after as the final step. Either way it is amazing!!! It does not weigh hair down but imparts a sheen. A little goes a very long way, this is like ambrosia for the hair.

Best sample of hair care I have ever received:

Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner for Beautiful Color
I received a sachet of the Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner  for Beautiful Color and it was absolutely beautiful, the shampoo was rich, cleansing and very gentle and the conditioner left my hair like silk. Oribe is like the Francois NARS of hair a legend with exquisite and discerning taste, everything he does is incredible and totally inspiring. I will defintely be trying more of Oribe as I was so impressed by this sample.

But if you want to see a true master at work: Look at some of his videos- a genius!