Saturday, 13 October 2012

Bella Pierre Mineral make up. LOVE!

Bronzed shadow and nude lips & cheeks
Natural look
Smokey green eyes with apricot cheeks & lips
Colour clash
Lavender and lime colour clash
Metallic brown on the eyes with nude cheeks and lips
Barely there with rose lips.
Bella Pierre is a mineral brand that appeals to me because of the vast array of pigment colours, from barely there to very bright/intense. You can create so many diverse looks and everything blends seamlessly. You can mix with moisturiser to create a sheer base or add more pigment to create a liquid foundation.

Here are some of my favourite looks that I have created using Bella Pierre that  range from very natural to sultry, the skin with all of these looks is fresh and glowing, which makes the colour literally just like gilding the lily.