Friday, 14 December 2012

Top picks: 3 clay based!

Question:  In a nutshell what does clay do?

1. Detoxes - Its strong negative charged ions pull and hold positive charged ions (toxins) through adsorption and absorption.2. Balances - Clay is homeostatic. It brings the body into balance.
3. Alkalizes – It has a 8.5-10.0 pH.
4. Stimulates – It draws blood flow, oxygen and circulation for cellular

So.... what does that mean in terms of what it does for the skin, it brightens dull lacklustre skin, keeps skin clear & clean, it helps absorb excess sebum (keeping skin matte) but the below clay masks I like because they do not leave skin *tight* or uncomfortable, they all leave skin very healthy and glowing. The below are masks that I personally use and find them to be ultra effective and do not irritate nor break my skin out,

Best super quick mask- 3 to 5 mins:

Sisley Radiant Glow Mask- 60ml aound £60.00

What they say: An absorbent express mask that perfectly and gently cleanses the skin’s surface for a quick beauty boost.

The highly absorbent power of red and white clays, combined with botanical extracts (Carrot, Red Vine and Rose-Hip), and essential oils (Rosemary and Chamomile) helps to get rid of impurities that dull the complexion and very gently deep-cleanse the skin. 
In just 5 minutes, this mask absorbs excess sebum, providing radiance and clarity. Its soft, supple, non-drying texture avoids all tight-skin sensations and is gentle on the skin’s hydrolipidic film. 
Key ingredients:

  • White Clay: helps to absorb excess sebum
  • Red Clay: helps to absorb excess sebum
  • Carrot: revitalizes
  • Rosehip: tones
  • Vegetable Glycerin: moisturising
  • Chamomile (Oil): calms
  • Rosemary (Oil): purifies
  • Red Vine: boosts surface microcirculation

  • Why I rate it: It is soft and creamy does not *dry* on the skin, is amazing for all skin types and I even have this mask in my kit as a pick-me-up for any skin that needs some TLC, it softens and brightens and does it in the miraculous time of 3 minutes, it leaves skin very soft and smooth, with a gorgeous healthy glow.

    Best *pure* clay mask it is 100% white clay only:

    SHEATERRA Organics-  Madagascar white clay- $24 59ml
    What they say:Women of Madagascar have brilliantly flawless skin. Largely living under the poverty line, not being able to afford expensive washes, masks and beauty creams, how come their skin is often more beautiful than people who spend thousands to look good? Their secret is in the mask. Exotic pictures of the Malagassy people often pop up here and there with their white painted faces. This is not voodoo or animism. This is a beauty ritual that dates back thousands of years.
         The Malagassy women of Madagascar apply to their faces a special white clay that they source from the wild of their island nation. They wear the mask to protect their faces from the sun and to maintain flawless skin without the use of sometimes hard to find and or afford soaps. The clay draws out impurities in the skin bringing them to white heads which can then be extracted. Unlike many white clays, the white clay of Madagascar does not dry out skin. In fact it leaves the skin pleasantly soft.
    Ingredients: simply 100% Madagascan white clay

    Why I rate it: I was given this by a friend in the US and she swore by it. I mixed it into a paste and applied it to clean skin and left for 10 minutes (you can leave up to 30 minutes) and then rinsed off- WOW!!! My skin looked clear and refreshed literally *alive*, it is so pure and the complexion feels very soft after using. Beg a friend in the US to order 1 for you or purchase 1 from Amazon, it is that good!
    N.B: With it being Madagascan Clay I obvs had this mental picture of the Ring tailed Lemurs chilling with clay masks on  (I know, I know) :)

    Best multi tasker & hi tech mask:

    GLAMGLOW- 50 ml £39.00
    It contains & what they say: 
    Teaoxi™ – The patent pending formula is GLAMGLOW’s time-release technology. It delivers Super-Squalene, EGCG Super-Antioxidants and Polyphenols directly into the mud from real pieces of Tea Leaf. TEAOXI™ brightens the complexion and protects against free radicals while hydrating and balancing oil levels in the skin.
    Volcanic Minerals – These ancient rock minerals exfoliate and stimulate microcirculation, brighten and awaken the skin, reduce puffiness, detoxify, reduce under-eye circles and smooth fine lines while softening the skin’s texture to reveal a more youthful complexion
    French Sea Clay – The French Sea Clay – when combined with TEAOXI™ creates a tingling sensation – 12 hours of Collagen Synthesis and increased circulation is the result. French Sea Clay absorbs impurities and toxic substances reducing pore size and helping to look younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines.
    Why I rate it: It is very deep cleansing, is double duty as it exfoliates the skin when you remove in circular movements, it does  have a cooling, tingling sensation and skin looks very bright and refreshed afterwards, I leave this on personally for about 5 minutes, skin looks clear and accepts any moisturiser more readily .