Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Confessions Of A Fashionista!

The book!
So lovely to have a note from the author!
There is a saying that everybody has a book in them! Well, if they do, very few people actually get round to physically writing it (that's me included) ha ha!
Angela is different and has written a book, a real flippy page book complete with quote from Lulu Guinness on the cover, it is a book that people have already started to rave about.
Angela made the jump from being an agent within the industry to writing a while ago and has had an anonymous column where each week  the very surreal experiences she has had within the cray cray world of fashion : the designers, the models, the photographers, make up & hair. Stories and situations that were just begging to be told outside the inner sanctum of *fashion*. The launch for the book was last week and I feel very honored to have received my copy (signed no less) and I am salivating at the thought of dipping in but.....I am going to wait as I have a long haul trip coming up and I am going to save it for the bleary eyed, jet lagged nights ahead :)

But I will review once I have read it!  To know Angela is an utter privilege and if she wasn't such an ace person I would be riddled with jealousy- well I will reserve the right to tap into that reserve of green mist when the follow up book comes along and the film rights are sold :)!

If you want to have a look further: