Friday, 4 January 2013

Round up of my personal favourite memories of 2012.

Lego star Wars- may the force be with you in 2013!
Looking Smart with brushed hair :)
7th Birthday party.
Sums up the year Sunshine & showers-rainbows make!
Hair cut for Junior school!
Loved the pumpkin gang at halloween.
New York- meetings
New York- meetings
A cover, is always good :)
Working with inspiring people.
Entering my 40th year and being 100% comfortable in my own skin.
Loving the faces you work with.
Having at least 1 day in the year when you don't wear black .
The achievement I am most proud of in my life. 
Archive of work: This image is shot by Mario Testino, for Vogue
Some of my favourite images 2012
Making wishes for the New Year.