Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The importance of the correct base for a skin prone to sensitivity

Sensitive skin prone to redness across the cheeks.
A fresh, natural look.
Photograph: Julie Kim, Make up: Me
This is a before and after of the difference that soothing skincare and the correct base makes on sensitive skin. As I have incredibly sensitive skin myself, it means I can understand from a very personal perspective exactly how to *handle* skin prone to flaring up and here are my top tips.

  • Use a cream cleanser (not Micellar water or cleansing wipes) 
  • Remove cleanser with Mineral Water (in an atomiser can) spritzed onto the face and also on cotton pads to remove cleanser.
  • Use an alcohol free toner with soothing ingredients (floral extracts are fab)
  • Use a little oil (just 2 drops) choose one without mineral oil with soothing/hydrating ingredients
  • A fragrance free moisturiser
  • I always use a really, classically soothing primer to create a *barrier* between the skin & the base
  • Water based foundations without silicone or mineral oils
  • If you need more coverage add a little pure pigmented concealer wherever you feel needs any further covering.
  • Powder- just a light dusting of a pure *mineral* powder.

I did not use a colour corrective primer or concealer or primer in this instance as the skin was dramatically improved with the trio of: skincare, primer & base.
If in doubt patch test anything behind the ear and in the crook of the elbow before you actually apply to the face.

Here are some of the products I use and have had beautiful results with:
Cream cleanser: Sisley & Sophyto, Water atomiser: Avene, Alcohol free toner: Sisley (floral) & Elemis (Apricot)
Oil: Antipodes, Sophyto & Trilogy
Moisturiser: Antipodes, Sisley, Sophyto & Espa
Primer: Hourglass & Pixi
Foundation: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Myface
Concealer: Make up forever & Bobbi Brown cover up stick
Mineral powder : Loose Inika (Nurture only) & Bella Pierre- all Pressed: Pur pressed mineral foundation