Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Good to Glow... top picks of skin brighteners.

Looks like Spring is still proving to be elusive (for now), all of the changes in the weather literally play havoc with the skin and your complexion can end up dehydrated and duller than dishwater. So what do you do??? Not a rhetorical question, I will tell you what I do, roll the sleeves up and start a regime to get the glow back and here are my top picks. Let's get all Johnny Lydon and stick 2 fingers up at this endless winter and totally get that glow back!

No make up make up look I created with a glowing skin.
Base: Pixi Illuminate tint & conceal #2.

The above look was created using this product. Pixi Illuminate Tint & Conceal:£21.50- 4 shades

Best All-in one: I use this tinted moisturiser frequently when I want to create skin with a lustre, it reflects the light, is packed with humectants so skin feels *plump* and hydrated. The effect is quite dewy but another thing I love is the full coverage concealer in the lid for the areas that need a little extra *help*.

Mac Strobe Liquid Lotion 1 shade £22.50
Best to use with your existing favourite base: This gives a very subtle glow, you can use it as a primer, mixed in with your foundation/tinted moisturiser or even neat after applying your base, it blends easily and gives a very delicate finish.

Sophyto Brightening treatment £19.50

Best *miracle glow* skincare fix: This is a liquid that you can leave on the skin for up to 5 minutes (I leave for around 2), you can be quite prescriptive and use it whenever you feel that your skin needs an amazing brightening boost. It contains organic desert lily aloe and emerald green micro-algae and really makes the skin look fresher & brighter in a couple of minutes.

Dr Bragi Marine Enzyme Mask £10.00
Best hydrator that restores a glow: This is a 15 minute single application mask and is fantastic for dehydrated as well as lacklustre skin. It is a fabric mask with enough liquid to be able to use on the neck, the decolletage and even on the back of the hands. A great *prepping* mask or evening skin treat as the skin feels so moisturised and hydrated.