Monday, 1 April 2013

ABC Costume shop- Berkhamsted.

ABC Costume hire- Berkhamsted- go through the doors and down the stairs to a veritable cornucopia of *goodies*!
The AMAZING selection of stock.
I could spend hours here.
A true innovation *wound* tattoos
More Wound tattoos.
So many amazing things to buy as well as the costumes to hire.

Theatrical Make up supplies fabulous quality and the prices are so reasonable!!!!!
Trying on the cat's ears
To say I have a fascination with costume shops is putting it lightly, I personally think it stems from the cartoon Mr Benn where Mr B would disappear into a changing room and change into a costume and then proceed to have a fantastical adventure befitting of the costume, the shopkeeper was a magical man that would always appear to take Mr Benn back to the shop/changing room.
This is my favourite costume shop and I have been coming here for years for theatrical make up supplies, props and I suppose for inspiration. It is an institution within the area of Berkhamsted (but they do mail order for purchases) and are in the process of setting up an online shop which will be EPIC!!!

They hire out costumes and sell some props/costumes, accessories and also stock a fantastic array of pro-make up/theatrical make up. I never, ever leave empty handed.

They have customers from around the world and it is one of those small independent businesses that you can see the passion of the owners. The service is amazing with the owner being so knowledgeable and helpful and always buying new and innovative little *extras*.

Like the FX transfers- they apply like a temporary tattoo but they have an ultra realistic/3d finish for wounds, they were developed by an Oscar winning make up artist for large films like Pearl Harbour where the make up department had 100's of extras that they had to create wounds for and have amazing detail/perfect continuity. The quality is amazing!

Mr Benn.