Sunday, 28 April 2013

Some of my Make up work of late........behind the scenes.

As shoot was in full flow- think Virgin suicides vibe.
Hair done, Make up done.- think utility chic.

These are 2 shots from behind the scenes, it is a make up trend shoot with 4 looks in total and the finished shots look incredible. The make up was transformed from barely there glamour grunge and we ended up with a turquoise eye and insanely glossy lip. But the skin remained flawless all the way through. Hair and make up worked beautifully together and Natalie and I worked as a *tag team* so that everything worked in synergy with each look.

Model: Sylvia Mann
Make up: Me
Hair: Natalie Shirlaw
Photographer- me (of the behind the scenes snaps ) me- but the real *talent* Andrea Vecchiato