Friday, 3 May 2013

Michelle Roques Oneil Therapie Himalayan Detox salts.....Blissful & WIMH!

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So, I saw that there was an opportunity on WIMH to sample some Michelle Roques Oneil bath salts, I entered and was literally thrilled when I was sent a sachet to try.
I do love baths, when I am ill, aching, in need of some extra *treatment* for my skin I run myself a bath and normally add essential oils in a prescriptive manner along with salts. I have different blends for different *malaise* also many years ago I used to share a flat with a woman who was a little bat shizz crazy but you don't find that out until AFTER you move in (sorry for the digression) but she would bathe at the end of every day to literally wash off the negativity of the day and I do think that there is definitely something in that, literally washing away a tough day so you get the picture...... I really, really appreciated being able to try the Therapie Haimalayan Detox salts.
The package with a 20% discount

How to and inci listing.

Absolutely nothing to do with this girl cat Lou Lou in the bath.
Michelle Roques Oneil is to aromatherapy what Roja Dove is to fragrance an *expert & true artisan* and Michelle has spent some 3 years developing the Therapie line and it truly shows.

About:The 1st ingredient is the Himalayan salt

"The Himalayan pink salts and pure crystal powders are of exceptional quality. Between them, they contain an astonishing 86+ minerals, each one having a profound, soothing and stabilizing effect on the body. 
Our crystal powders are hand made with love from ground gemstones and crystal essences and are added to specific formulations to intensify their potency."

The smell was incredible and it was a *spa* experience at-home! I made the sachet stretch over 2 baths and it was beautiful, the salts definitely helped wash away the aches and pains of the day coupled with the amazing aroma it really was a gorgeous experience. I will definitely be purchasing.

I will leave the final words to the master:

"Designed to balance pH levels and positive/negative ions, these beautiful bath salts are made with therapeutic Himalayan pink mineral salts and essential oils, dusted with powdered amethyst. Helping to dissolve accumulated physical and emotional toxins, these fabulous ingredients combine to create a soothing, uplifting - and truly aromatherapeutic - bathing experience.
Liberating geranium and detoxifying lemongrass combine with refreshing rosewood  to increase confidence and courage, while purifying and comforting juniper and soothing lavender help to unblock stagnant emotional and physical energy."

* I entered a sample sendout on the WIMH website, but I will be purchasing.