Sunday, 14 July 2013

A flawless look- not for me!

A LOT of make up and absolutely not *a natural look*. Shot with i-phone & an instagram filter
  • Contoured eyes
  • Tightlined under the lash line
  • Dotted liquid liner along the lash line to frame eyes and make lashes appear thicker
  • *lifted* outer corner of the eyes with an angled flick and created a corrected line to make eyes appear more *almond*
  • Corrected dark circles under eyes & brightened whole area
  • Primed skin, used a light layer of tinted moisturiser and then buffed in fuller coverage foundation
  • Applied concealer on top of the base and buffed in
  • Contoured bone structure and minimised the width of nose
  • Used a new technique I have been developing using a matte and lustrous peach to lift & sculpt bone structure
  • Used a touch of blusher
  • A POP of vibrant colour on the lips
All that took well over an hour as everything was applied in very small *layers*. I like the effect but it is not *me*, of course nice for a special occasion etc, but in all honesty I would not even do it for that (but that is me) , I would hate to feel that I would have to look like that every day as after I had finished, I did not see *skin* just base.

I am 41 years old look after my skin (really look after my skin), I am a make up artist so know every trick in the book for looking *fresh faced* but in general I personally don't wear a lot of make up on a day-to-day basis and I know every *fault*/flaw and I am actually comfortable with them, I like somethings more than others but I am definitely at peace with my imperfections:

What I look really look like:shot with i-phone with a normal *look* for every day.

I have bags under my eyes, dark circles, open pores, chubby cheeks, double chin, redness, a large nose. eyes with slightly different shapes,a few lines under my eyes, fine eye lashes etc etc and I am actually fine with all of that, I accept it as it is *me*.