Friday, 5 July 2013 cats- beware mad cat woman post :)

Let me introduce you to my cats:

Lou Lou- Pet names:*L*, Lool, Loodle, Oodles, tubey. 
She likes to be included in family activities.
She is fond of a box , bags and worryingly carrier bags.

She is a little princess/madam and a very pretty girl.
Mr Whiskers- Pet names: Big Whisks, Whisks, *Burlington Bertie*, lynx.
A very enigmatic and handsome boy!
He keeps his white fur sparklingly clean.
He is *Huge* really long/tall and atheletic
Lou Lou walked in on Christmas day 4 and a 1/2 years ago, she was literally starving and freezing cold- we think she was *dumped*, so we fed her and cared for her until the local Cats protection office was open again on the 28th Dec, by the 28th we had fallen in love with her and when her previous owners could not be found (posters/posting on the cats protection league website and no chip), we were so relieved that we kept her and adopted her.
Lou Lou soon became the baby of the household and our little girl, we however were more than a little shocked and surprised when she introduced us some 5 months later to her *friend*: A handsome grey cat with a slightly regal demeanour, the cats have a friendship that is purely platonic and very touching. So cat #2 moved in too -Whisks is a boy's boy (he was initially very, very afraid of Women), he and my son have such a special bond a *kinship* that is so beautiful to see.

I don't know what my cats had to suffer before they came to live with us Whisks still visibly flinches sometimes when I get too close *uninvited* and Lou Lou eats like she is never going to be fed again.......ever! But I am so glad that they *found* us.
True love. It is fate that they were meant to have each other.
I could just *eat* her up.

If you want to find out more about the Cats Protection:
We donate food just to help them out whenever we can as even a small donation helps.