Sunday, 1 September 2013

Back from holiday.........some snaps......picture heavy post!

So, I went on holiday to LA, Palm Springs & Santa Barbara. It was a family holiday the 3 of us, the cats had a cat sitter and Lou Lou was very chubby by the time we returned no pining for this gal, maybe a little comfort eating. I cannot convey how much I needed to just take time out and clear my head, scour iconic LA shops like Fred Segal and some fab drugstores too- High to low, high to low!

We managed lots of swimming, walks, saw friends etc etc I don't sunbathe ever, for a lazy person- I find it excruciating ( I am LAZY by nature and have to compensate by literally doing far too much and not giving into my true tendencies), I sleep between 4 and max 6 hours a night and I dream of the day when I literally just sleep and sleep, but at the mo I feel there are not enough hours in the day- so I can rest up later.

If you ever get the chance go to:

  • Soak City- Palm Springs a brilliant water park and respite in the desert heat.
  • The secluded beaches of Santa Barbara (dolphins frolic just off the coast)
  • Fred Segal Santa Monica & Melrose (an institution)
  • Little Tokyo- some of the best Japanese restaurants and such amazing value (not fancy at all) just amazing food.
  • The MOCA- a modern art gallery (Downtown) small but with some very influential pieces
  • Universal studios- if you can take the VIP experience- so worth it and the Transformer ride is the best ride I have ever been on (mind blowing)
  • The Avalon hotel in Beverly Hills- literally equal distances between Hollywood, Downtown & Santa Monica. The food is amazing, the service is impeccable and it has history eg: Marilyn Monroe lived there for about 3 years on and off during her career. It has been *updated* the interior and it is super chic and never too busy but there is always a buzz.
  • Pacific Highway 1- yes I know it is a road but it hugs the coast from Santa Monica to Malibu and beyond, so you see the beautiful Pacific Ocean and all of the amazing Ocean fronted houses and the families on the beach and surfer dudes (a real slice of SoCal life) and when you get to Malibu eat at Beau Rivage if you are feeling fancy or Marmalade cafe (both fab).

Terminal 5 Heathrow before the 11 and a 1/2 hour flight.
Pool and cabana at the house we stayed at in Palm Springs.
House at night- a Mid century delight
In the shade.

The *hour glass* pool at The Avalon
Breakfast in a cabana every morning by the pool.
The hotel has beautiful interiors- the foyer.
Our lounge in the suite we stayed in.
Wide open spaces of coastline.
A chubby Lou Lou.
Here are some links to my favourite places:

Palm springs:

A traditional diner.

Beautiful art gallery/museum

The only way to see the desert

Fun, fun, fun!

Santa Barbara:

Lovely coffee shop

It sells coffee and has *cat* in the name- I am there :)

The best ice cream EVER!!!!

The beaches- miles and miles

Nothing fancy just gorgeous healthy food (veggie/vegan friendly).

Los Angeles:

The Avalon- that's it....I am winning the lottery and moving in longterm in the Pent house- hmm would they consider taking cats?

The one and only Fred Segal- save your pennies before a trip here (not the cheapest of retailers)- but the buyers are *pretty much pitch perfect* with the selections.

Beautiful coffee

Just me!

Transformer ride!!!!


I always go and light a candle here.