Monday, 14 October 2013

Been busy.........moving etc

Street view.

View from the front window

Detail of fireplace

Happy cat

My son's shelf of favourite things.


The wilds of the garden.

Lavender and apple tree.
So, we moved and did not have broadband for a while and I have been ridiculously busy (not complaining at all, it is just being factual).
I have moved from a house that I painted pretty much all white inside to a house with colour and so much character. I fell in love with this house because...of the *feel* it is very quirky and full of character and it just felt *right*. So, the garden looks a little different as the pictures were taken in August and now it is Autumn so the colours and textures are changing. I have been buying a mixture of old and new furniture whilst fitting in our *old* pieces too and I am so shocked that I have been buying non black items- maybe after 29 solid years of buying everything in black I am changing :)Vive la revolution!