Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Toronto- Queen St West& Sunny Mummy Spa.

T5 Heathrow to Toronto and then on to New York
Initially (the first time I visited to Canada) I did not have a very positive experience in Toronto Pearson airport at immigration and was treated to 2 full interviews with immigration and a full search of my case- which which was beyond horrible and a terrible introduction to what is actually a beautiful city with some wonderful people.......I got over it and got over myself and I have been back several times since and I am impressed with this city more every time I go.

I stay mostly at the Harbour front/near the CN tower & fashion district, the harbour which is so beautiful and serene, with views out over the archipelago that remind me of Scandinavia  and the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
Sunrise- just beautiful

At first I was smitten by Yorkville a really ritzy part of Toronto but as somebody that spent their formative years in Camden- actually Queen St West is actually more my cup of face shredding espresso.
So, it is a long road (well it feels like it when you are trotting along looking for a specific restaurant- that I never found by the way). It is a street of character and the further West you head the more character you encounter.
Pretty far West on Queen St opposite a beautiful park that was packed with activity despite the nip in the air I saw a wonderful day spa Sunny Mummy Spa +boutique.
Now, I am more of a Sunshine & showers kind of gal, but I wanted a manicure and try out a new place. I *walked in* as a walk in/chancer looking for a service without a booking you know within a very short period of time whether you are actually *welcome* or actually an inconvenience. I was accommodated for my manicure and it turned out to be a wonderful experience.

This day spa is pretty special it uses Aveda products and has a hand picked team of very experienced therapists that are very skilled at their job, so the reputation of the spa has grown mainly because of the excellence of services but................it provides child care facilities too, this is literally a *genius* idea, I remember back to when my son was younger and if I was not working (making somebody else look amazing) I felt that I literally had no time to spend on myself- well I wish that I had lived in Toronto and been within stroller pushing distance to this place. There are for sale some beautiful skin treats for babies and small children and a shop with gorgeous clothes and accessories for children
Play room in the salon

Flawless manicure in a glossy true red shade.

I had a lovely chat with the owner Nilla as she did my manicure which was flawless and and she really got my fragile nails back to better health with oils and unguents,  I had a fabulous chat with her  adorable 7 year old daughter too (who has impeccable taste in nail colours (of course) as it was a Saturday- she and I had a lovely leisurely chat about: maths, school, best friends, favourite cartoons- the essentials in life :). Next time I am in Toronto I am definitely going back for a bespoke facial- slather me in the Aveda gel masque. This salon brought home in this time of *quick fixes/express treatments* that quality and attention detail are actually worth the wait and paying a little bit extra for.

I am so going back next time.. for more of the same. A true *find*.

So, if you live in Toronto and are looking for a *quality salon* or somewhere with childcare, or like me you are a visitor I cannot recommend this place enough.

* Manicure was not for free, I paid full price, just wanted to share a brilliant  experience.