Sunday, 5 January 2014

Grubby hands no more....Espa Zesty Lemon hand wash & moisturiser.

Oh the smell, it is just beautiful!

I wash my hands so many times a day as well as using alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer because I have to keep my hands scrupulously clean before and after touching somebody's face also factor in ... previously trying to get my grubby fingered 8 year old son to wash his hands before a meal was hit and miss at the very best.

But...I treated myself to this duo and EUREKA firstly (My son who admittedly has a natural affinity with the finer things in life) has loved the hand wash and uses it without me having to get all troll king about it. For me it is just the most delicious combo with a very *natural* zesty lemon smell opposed to something synthetic and cloying. And the hand cream is a light yet nourishing texture, it is easily absorbed and does not leave the skin at all greasy.
The aroma is: Lemon, Ylang Ylang and Tonka bean and it is literally heavenly and although I don't need a nudge to wash my hands, I do need something that although very effective does not make my skin feel like sand paper :)

I bought this in the sale online at Espa it was one of my MANY purchases in sales (EEK)!! But I am definitely going to buy a couple more to keep in as gifts (oh yes I do that)!