Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Coachella look- Rock it myface style !

Hot Hot Heat!

Rouge, a bright, vibrant colour that looks beautifully *vintage*, rouge the hot pinky red on cheeks and a juicy slick of gloss for a transparent touch of hot colour
The combination of the hot cheeks with metallic Emerald green eyes is so beautiful and reminds me of some of the manicured foliage of Palm Springs/Palm Desert. Coachella festival is almost upon us and this exotic colour combination is perfect to rock out So Cal style. The Festival that is based out of the desert just outside of Palm Springs. This year The Black Keys, RadioHead, Pulp, Arctic Monkeys etc etc are there- Jealous much?? I blimmin well am...........
I am loving myface right now and will do a separate post about some of the amazing other shades, but right now it's all about Coachella colours xxxx

If you buy 3 things to update your make up bag for Spring- make it these 3 things
My *Rouge* vintage style cardigan with: Blingtone shadow: limelight, Lip Pop #336, Blusher: Costa Del Soul

Swatches of Blusher & Lip Pop gloss.
Flowers in the perfect *rouge shade* Palm Springs.

Manicured perfection and emerald green foliage in the middle of the desert.
http://www.coachella.com/#    just in case you want to check it out.