Sunday, 8 April 2012

If you ever get the chance...................go to Taormina in Sicily.

All of the thoughts about Teal and inspiration from that amazing colour, has led me to a place called Taormina in Sicily on the East coast of the island. I had one of the happiest holidays of my life there with my wonderful friend Jodie. Jodie is an ex-personal trainer and seriously kudos to her, she had me up Mount Etna, walking kilometres each day and going up and down 100's and 100's of steep steps to the beach each day to the point where honestly I was like *Dude, if we go down to the beach once more today- we are sleeping there* :) Yes, I was I think the only person who went on holiday to Sicily and lost weight,courtesy of Jodie's boot camp, surprisingly this did not put her off holidaying with me again- despite the fact I think she thought that I was a lazy troll at times ha ha. We flew budget to Catania airport and stayed budget but we ate magnificently xxx

The Inspiration for the trip *The Big Blue*

Taormina is a place of astonishing natural beauty, of sweeping bays and beautiful beaches.
Taormina is nestled in a *cough, cough* steep hillside.
Lush gardens and beautiful flowers are everywhere.
The Magical Grotto Azzura with water that is the most incredible shade of blue-green.

Where we ate at the amazing Capo Taormina
The approach to the restaurant through the tunnels in the rock.
The Swimming pool and private beach at this amazing hotel.