Sunday, 8 April 2012

Colour crush.........Let's talk Teal- NARS Style

Teal is a colour that is the opposite from Coral on the colour spectrum and like coral because it is such a fantastic blend, it can be worn by all. It is a mix of green and blue and adds a little frisson to eyes and nails.
Teal is amazing if you treat it as an *accessory*, a bold statement of colour- you can go with a slick of liner, a colour wash of shadow or an impactful *block* of colour. To ease you into Teal, try it on your Nails 1st and then graduate into liner- true colour KAPOW!!!!

A beautiful Satin Vintage clutch in teal.
NARS does Teal as a true colour block statement.
NARS-Single shadow in Tropic

A little selection of liners - Nuances of teal.

Teal a just a liner- the ultimate accessory. Trace around the upper and lower lid, kicking out slightly to the outer corner of the lid, it frames the eyes and creates flattering definition.

Pixi Endless silky eye pencil in Teal- rocks too!
Beautiful Teal Nails.... some of my favourite shades..
Butter- Bluey a beautiful metallic Teal
Dior- Nirvana a true vibrant Teal
Rescue Beauty Lounge- polish in Teal