Friday, 25 May 2012

Eye Liner............60's style some Inspiration.

La Bardot- a 60's smokey liner to really frame her eyes.
Francoise Hardy- a gentle flick graduating from the outer corner to *lift* the eye
Claudia Cardinale- A cat eye, that elongates the eye
Sofia Loren- sexy eyes that are lined in a rounded shape on the upper lid to minimize the lid.
Liv Ullman- a pale shadow on the lid with an even liquid line
Ewa Aulin - a tapered line with a concentration to the outer corners to enlarge the eye
Twiggy- rounded liner even in the crease *falsies* and painting the lower lashes all contribute to create her trademark saucer eyed look.
Julie Christie- a sensuous enhancing line that just follows the natural shape of the eye.
Edie Sedgwick- full line on upper & lower lashes offset with full brows
Patti Smith- an androgynous  beauty with liner creating a focus on a *bare face*
France, Italy, Sweden, England & USA, this is a little gallery that shows the diversity from the Fresh faced Francoise, kittenish Bardot, girl next door Liv, grown up sophistication of Julie to the punk Patti.

I love them all xxx