Friday, 25 May 2012

Nails Inc Porchester Square..........I love this colour.

Ok, loads to do, copy to write, tips and tricks to impart for a website so what do you do?

I do a little mini manicure of course :) funnily gets me focused, I used an essential oil based scrub from the American brand Cake that feels beautiful and smells like malted vanilla, cleaned nails thoroughly with the Andrea Fulton  nail varnish remover- AMAZING and has one of those nail salon style pump tops- bonus :)
A soft chinchilla grey with a touch of lilac shot through, I LOVE it, I am kind of over neon pink and garish colours and this is just muted perfection but with a twist. Nails Inc Porchester Square.
Nails Inc name their varnishes after different places in London (generally the more des-res places) and Porchester Square is very much that and is an elegant part of Bayswater. A little geeky fact coming so skim it if you want :)
Porchester Square
It was completed between 1855 and 1858, Porchester Square was one of the last areas of Bayswater to be built. Eight different builders were involved with different parts of the square as can be seen from a variety of exterior details on the houses. The architect most closely concerned with Porchester Square was George Wyatt, but the final word on both the general layout and the architectural detail would have been with George Gutch who in 1822 became the surveyor of Bishop of London's Paddington estate
Back to nails ha ha ha. Nails Inc do some beautiful neutral (flat shades) I procured the above image from ASOS.   Ooh, what shade Devonshire Row, or maybe Brompton Place or  it is all about purple tints on the nails for me right now xxx