Friday, 20 July 2012

All time favourite concealer reviews.................Face...under eyes will be a separate post.

Concealers have to cover a myriad of things: redness, scars, spots, pigmentation, capillaries etc etc. I have favourite concealers/brighteners that are just for the under eye area which I will do a separate post about. But these concealers are my all time favourite general concealers for the face. A fantastic concealer makes the skin look flawless but in a way that it still looks like skin rather than make up, complexion perfection indeed.

Best Emergency Concealer
Bobbi Brown- Face touch up stick- £19- 20 shades
This is creamy textured, blends beautifully into the skin and is fantastic to have in your make up bag to blur away any blemish/redness etc that occurs during the course of the day, it instantly perfects but just blends away for flawless skin. Coverage: Medium

Best Concealer Palette (multiple shades)
Make up Forever-5 Camouflage Cream concealer Palette- 5 different palettes- £24.50
 I am a long time devotee of this palette, it comes in 4 skintone variants: 1-4 from fair to black skin options each palette has a corrector that works perfectly with the spectrum of 4 skin shades to correct and create a flawless base. It gives amazing coverage, is highly pigmented and easy to build up. Palette 5 is the Pro-palette with just the corrector shades eg: Green to neutralize red, lilac to *lift* sallow skin. It has a beautiful velvety finish and shoots incredibly, like perfect skin. Coverage: Medium to full.

Best Concealer for Oily/Combination skin:
Laura Mercier- Secret Camouflage- 8 shades- £26
This is 100% oil free and a wonderful matte finish, you blend both concealer shades together to create the perfect skintone, this has great longevity and is excellent  for covering blemishes. It feels a little dry initially but becomes more emollient with the warmth of the skin and just blends away. It does not slide easily which makes it ideal for skin prone to shine. Coverage: Medium to full.

Best Innovative Concealer:
Becca- Concealer- 30 shades-£30
I love that this concealer comes in such a spectrum of shades but the thing that impresses me most about this concealer is the fact that it is a split pan with 2 different *weights* of concealer the left side is full coverage and the right side is medium coverage, so you can blend a bespoke finish creating the perfect texture for what you need to conceal- amazing! A lovely,smooth, texture in both halves that you can use separately or blend together for the perfect finish. Coverage: Full & Medium.

Best Concealer Under £15:
myface MYCOVER concealer- 9 shades- £12
This is a great value product as the price point is fantastic for the quality. It is a liquid concealer that blends easily into the skin, has a richly pigmented quality, is quite hydrating and does not leave a powdery residue but does have a matte finish. You can use sparingly or layer it for complexion perfection. Fantastic for all skin types Coverage: Medium to full.

Favourite Concealer brush:
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage brush- £22.50
This is a synthetic brush that is amazing for precision concealing, with that perfect point you can get into the nooks and crannies. Can be used for larger areas or literally the very head of a spot.

The one that got away..............discontinued BUT if you see, snap it up.
Lancome- Palette Pro- 3 shade options I think.
This was amazing, rich and creamy BUT left a flawless matte finish on the skin, beautiful quality and blendability . The compact consisted of 4 shades that corrected and concealed to perfection. So if you see one and it is not a ridiculous price snap it up, it covers a multitude of skin sins.