Saturday, 21 July 2012

Round up and Review of my all time favourite under eye concealers.

The skin under the eye is very fine and a perfect concealer for this area is literally like a search for the holy grail. Dark circles, puffiness and lines are the most common complaints and it takes a special formulation to really create a fresh *rested* look. I have naturally very dark circles (inherited) and made all the more obvious because of  not sleeping enough, being anaemic and so I could go on, so I am obsessed with under eye concealer because it can make such a huge difference. I approach concealing under the eyes as an exercise in *layering* by starting with concealer on the inner corner of the eye and the outer corner of the eye, tapping into the skin and then applying a skintone *sparingly* on top and there you go, you will create a fresh faced look.

Best for creating the *freshest* look:
Bobbi Brown-Creamy Corrector Kit- £24.00- 14 shades *BEST SPECTRUM OF SHADES AVAILABLE*
This kit contains 2 products, a *neutraliser* which is peachy/apricot toned to erase dark circles and then an skin-tone to apply over the top which creates the perfect *refreshed* look. It is a soft creamy texture that works easily into the skin. It is a fantastic kit for *problem* dark circles and comes in shades ranging from fairest to the deepest tones.

Best light reflecting pen concealer:
There are a multitude of pen concealers that have lightening effects, some of them have terrible flashback, some are drying,look obvious or just don't do anything. The Dior pen is a light fluid that has light diffusing pigments, it really is very effective at brightening dark circles, it has great concealing properties and can be used as a highlighter EG: under the eye brow, along the bridge of the nose and cheekbones.

Best treatment under eye concealer:
Sisley Eye Concealer- £42.00 4 shades *BEST INGREDIENTS/DOUBLE DUTY TREATMENT*
This is a liquid concealer that has a cocktail of botanical ingredients that really treats the eye area and is fantastic for puffiness under the eyes. It is hydrating  and fantastic for sensitive eyes. It makes a great base on the lids to prep the lids for shadow as well as it dries and has fantastic staying power.

Best to use to neutralise dark circles:
Pixi Correction Concentrate £12- 1 shade *BEST UNDER £15.00*
If you are looking for something to work alongside your existing concealer or base, but just feel that the dark circles need a little extra coverage, use this peach toned corrector 1st, it is richly pigmentedand will blend into the skin and will help to erase darkness. Then use your regular base or concealer over the top to create a fresh effect.

Best for dry skin:
Laura Mercier- Secret concealer- £18.50- 6 shades *CREAMIEST TEXTURE*
If the skin is dry under your eyes this concealer is excellent as it is *moisture rich*, it does not settle into lines.  It is very creamy, so I always *set* it with a tiny bit of translucent powder to make it stay in place the whole day. It smooths the skin under the eyes and is fantastic at covering dark circles.