Monday, 22 October 2012

Sensitive skin..........personally speaking.

There is a statistic where over 60% of women have sensitive skin, within that huge number like everything there will of course be varying degrees of sensitivity. There is also the issue of *sensitised* skin, this is a skin which has become irritated/reactive because of other factors: sunburn, acid peels, hormones etc it is essentially a skin that is not normally sensitive but because of contributing factors has become sensitive to certain things luckily this can be temporary where as if you have very sensitive skin, this can be something that occurs daily.

I don't want to sound too dramatic, but it is like a roulette game and I can react to *on paper* to the most innocuous of product, everything I recommend on this blog are things which I personally use/have tested I am not allergic to and will also use in my kit too. The things that have irritated my skin over the years is a list so vast and for every product that I am personally allergic to, I know legions of people that are soooooo happy with it, that it is unfair for me to say negative/disparaging things but it includes: Cleansers that come with muslin cloths white both white & green packaging, masks, eye cream, toners, moisturisers, serums, shampoos, conditioners, hair finishing products, cleansing waters, cleansing wipes, make up including mascara the list is literally endless and includes products that are hypoallergenic and specifically created for sensitive skin- you name it, even food.

To show you exactly what I mean, here are a couple of pictures from this morning after I have used an organic/hypoallergenic cleansing water that I know I react to. Just to show the extent that my skin flares up, I obviously never, ever use this product normally but I wanted to show exactly what happens when I have an allergy.
Skin instantly reacts to product, flares up across cheeks, chin & forehead, very sore.
Skin is visibly irritated, very *hot* and sore
After about half an hour and skin is calming down- still sore but I removed the cleansing water  and used moisturiser .
Ok, the below, the only make up I am wearing is: liquid base, a touch of concealer and mascara, nothing else.
Close up after *treating* skin, using base/concealer & mascara.
Close up, different light.
I am lucky....... I am a make up artist so I can cover up if I do have a *flare up*, I also know the kind of products that irritate my skin and have some miracle products to soothe and take the heat out of my skin if I do have a flare up but here is my guide to living with sensitive skin:
Patch test- behind the ear & crook of elbow wait 24 hours to see if allergy occurs
If a severe allergy happens, remove immediately with mineral water on cotton wool
Take an anti-histamine- to calm down the skin
Don't use a foaming cleanser as the foaming agent can irritate a sensitive skin
Treat the skin with respect & kindness, stick to basic hydrating/soothing products rather than super *active* products.
Try samples, so you don't waste money on skincare/foundations that you end up throwing away.

Here are my *miracles* that I use when my skin is in a complete *mess*and I want to soothe, calm and cover with minimal product.
Thisis my *personal* go-to kit when my skin flares up.
Sophyto- Silken cleanser- to remove irritant
Sisley- Floral toning lotion  dry/sensitive skin
Sisley-Confort Extreme (night cream) very dry/sensitive skin (I use anytime) not just at night.
Liz Earle-Sheer Skin Tint
Bobbi Brown-Face touch up stick

Skin on a good day without any *drama* and absolute minimal make up.