Thursday, 22 November 2012 *miracles* MELU shampoo & conditioner!

MELU shampoo with Spinach extract
MELU conditioner with apricot butter 
Sensitive skin can mean a sensitive scalp which means some of the most *high end* but over perfumed products can create a sore/itchy scalp. But some of the traditional *green brands* are just not effective when you have coloured/fragile or very dry hair. This leads me to Davines a brand that uses fantastic ingredients, has an extensive range with something for all hair types, some amazing treatments and styling products. I have been using the MELU shampoo & conditioner for some weeks and I have been so impressed. It is developed for fragile hair especially longer hair that is prone to *breaking* which is very much my hair.
This duo leaves hair very soft, shiny and hydrated, my hair definitely feels stronger. My scalp feels very clean but not irritated at all. There is a light *fresh* fragrance and very textures are creamy and sumptuous.