Saturday, 24 November 2012

Barely there skin tints/bases, top picks NARS, Perricone & Cosmetics A La Carte!

To some people the very, very sheer base that literally has little to absolute minimal coverage must seem like the Emperor's new clothes of make up, in the respect that the base *does not show* and ironically the absolute best are not exactly cheap. But.........I do believe that these are worth it (sorry no reference to L'Oreal there at all just merely coincidental) cackle, cackle!
Perfect if you want a natural,sheer base!

NARS- Sheer glow- £29.50/30ml 20 shades

A cult favourite, very light textured, blends seamlessly to create a bare skin look, a fantastic array of shades, very natural slightly dewy finish. It is very sheer, but is buildable if you want to achieve more coverage. This base creates a barely there finish but it is almost like a delicately perfected version of your own skin.
Perricone MD- No Foundation Foundation £45.00/30ml 1 shade- SPF30
This is a richer texture to the other 2 as it has a more of a *treatment* base, it is 1 shade that blends into the skin the actual shade is a neutral mid tone, so will not be great for the very palest and the deeper skin tone, but will work for most Light to Medium/Deep skin tones, texture wise it has a beautiful *creamy* feel but it is not greasy. It evens out the skin tone, tones down redness and gives skin a beautifully radiant finish.
Cosmetics a La Carte Moisture Tint Foundation-£36.00/30 ml 11 shades and option of custom blend shades SPF 25.
Feather light, sheer formula that looks invisible but creates a beautiful, glowing finish that truly looks like a 2nd skin. Very *comfortable* on the skin and disappears, evens out skin tone and gently reduces redness. It is the perfect minimalist base.
A sheer/glowing base- my work.
A sheer base for a natural beauty look-my work.
Buzz kill I know- but my 40 year old skin with a sheer glow base (not just for models).
Gone BUT NOT FORGOTTEN- this was the original *real skin* base.

Or you can *sheer* out liquid foundations with a drop or 2 of facial oil like Nude ProGenius mixed into your regular base, just mix on the back of your hand or in a mixing tray which will give you an idea of whether this look is for you.